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This Christmas, many families will be looking to find cool activities to do with their families. One thing they can do is play Christmas gift games. Not only are they fun, they can also be quite inexpensive. Playing games like Secret Santa will help make the holidays that much more special for the kids and the whole family. You will also teach your children the importance of giving and thinking of others while giving gifts. Gift giving remains the same, but the rules vary from game to game. Here are some great gift games to play with your family this Christmas.

The funniest game you can play with your kids this Christmas is Naughty or Nice. The game is based on how Santa supposedly decides who receives the gifts. Good children receive gifts and bad children receive a lump of coal as a warning to change their ways. The object of the game is not to be the person caught with the lump of coal. First make sure you’ve received gifts from a common wish list of what everyone wanted. You can set the maximum amount that each person can spend and then assign who buys what gift. On Christmas Day, each person chooses a gift at random. Then they have three options. They can keep the present they have, choose a new one, or trade with a neighbor. Then everyone opens their presents. The one who gets coal loses, but you can give a consolation gift if the loser is a child.

Another great Santa game is Dirty Santa. This game is a version of Secret Santa that has a seedy bottom that allows double crosses and robberies. As in Secret Santa, all participants must purchase a gift. However, instead of purchasing a gift for a designated person, gifts are purchased without a particular recipient in mind. The real fun begins when players choose their gifts. They can decide to keep their gift or choose a new one. Then everyone else has the option of exchanging the gifts for the one they just chose. This makes the game challenging, especially if someone chooses a gift that looks promising.

Another great game is Dirty Dice Christmas Gift Grab Game. The rules are simple. A stack of various gifts is placed in the middle of the room. The game also uses a pair of dice and a set time of 15 minutes. If a person gets a double, they can choose a gift from the pile. After the time limit expires, everyone with gifts can open them. The next part gets tricky. The timer is set and everyone must start rolling the dice once more. If a person gets doubles, he can steal a gift from anyone. If a player gets six doubles, they can keep the gift they stole without fear of having theirs stolen.

You can do something special for your children by asking them to receive a letter from Santa. This can be ordered online and personalized with the three good things they did during the year and some of the items they wanted to get for Christmas. The letters are also made to look as authentic as possible. Each letter has Santa’s signature and a special North Pole postmark.

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