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They can undoubtedly ignore your site with poor website design, cluttered text, busy and distracting backgrounds that make text hard to read, unclear navigation, or a dirty home page that doesn’t fit inside a window. standard browser. There are many reasons why clients can bounce back and affect your bottom line terribly.

Seriously speaking, the aesthetics, usability, navigability, and responsiveness of your site are an integral part of your brand. Where you fail, you lose!

To combat this confrontation, here is a summary post that will walk you through the top five aspects of web design that can keep your customers coming back to you and improve their experience a little bit more.

1. Presentation and Materialization– Your unstoppable drive to generate traffic will get you nowhere if your website doesn’t look inviting and inviting.

Modern website trends must have:

• A responsive design

• Large, bold fonts

• Parallax scrolling

• Impressive and shocking images of “Heroes”

• Rich multimedia, animation and visual elements

2. Professionalism– And where do you suppose all the customer tags find home? It is at the heart of your company’s training, staffing, reviews, customer satisfaction, and cultural environment many times over.

These four confidence-building values, if included, will help you cut through the noisy market.

• Testimonials- Quantify your work in any way.

• Staff photos: Employee happiness goes a long way to reinforcing professionalism.

• A cultural page – A cultural page shows that it is worth adding values.

• Environment: Placing state-of-the-art work environment images is another element your web design can offer.

3. Understandability and clarity– Your site should be as lucid as possible. Visitors must be able to quickly find what they are looking for. This could certainly happen by improving navigability.

The most well-known styles that are fashionable in navigation are:

• Breadcrumbs

• Dropdown menu

• Hamburger menu

• Centered layout navigation

• Parallax powered menu

• Footer navigation

4. Page load time– The load time plays a very important role in the arrival of customers to a website. A 3 second wait and the customer will leave your site and jump to your competitor’s website. The website should then load in no time.

So how can you reduce your site load time? Here’s the pro tip:

• Optimize image sizes and CSS delivery

• Minimize HTTP requests

• Reduce server response time

• Enable compression

• Minimize resources

• Reduce the number of plugins you use on your site

• Reduce redirects.

5. Conversions– The chain of building a brand and making it successful eventually ends at no. of conversions. Web design can impact conversions, and to brag about it, here are three takeaways:

• Use contrasting color to highlight selling propositions

• KISS principle: keep it simple, stupid.

• Adding human faces helps visitors engage with your business and makes them feel more comfortable making a connection with you.

By using the five web design and development techniques mentioned above, you can succeed in improving the customer experience.

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