Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

In almost all cases, the best possible results, in terms of real estate, come when a real estate agent and his client develop and maintain the best possible relationship. The best representation occurs when there is mutual trust, respect and prioritization, a meeting of minds to achieve the best possible goals and needs. Since, for most people, the financial value of their home represents their greatest financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, for a homeowner, to carefully interview potential agents to identify who they feel, will better understand him, and your needs, and will it effectively serve and represent your best interests? With that in mind, this article will briefly attempt to consider, examine, review, and discuss 5 steps that enhance the possibility and potential of improving broker-agent relationships.

1. Face to face, heart to heart: Begin the relationship with an honest, thorough, understanding, and face-to-face discussion! This must be heart-to-heart so that an agent can act best, be able to proceed, with the highest degree of genuine empathy, and address their specific personal needs, goals, priorities, perceptions, and insecurities.

two. Pre approval: Before an agent represents any buyer, and / or presents an offer, to the owner, the potential buyer must be pre-approved! This must be a pre-approval and not simply a pre-qualification. The key difference is that, while the latter assumes that the information provided by the applicant is thorough, complete and accurate, a prior approval is a painstaking process, which examines a variety of documents, in order to ensure that the potential buyer has no challenges, in terms of obtaining a necessary mortgage, as long as the property in question, value, appropriately!

3. Needs; pleasures; wishes; priorities: The process must be guided by the client’s priorities, but the agent and client must thoroughly discuss the process, in order to continue, on the same page! When you take into account your true needs, as well as what you like and want, the relationship becomes stronger and more meaningful.

Four. Applications; plans: Discuss potential and probable uses in advance, and start with a series of relevant and meaningful plans.

5. Comfort zone: Home sellers and buyers alike often let their personal comfort zones get in the way. The better the perceptions and concerns are discussed with your agent, and the options, alternatives, and potential challenges of the real estate transaction period are known, the process is generally easier and smoother!

Pay attention to who you hire as your real estate agent. Use these 5 steps for better communication and capacity improvement, for quality teamwork and the best possible results.

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