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Do you like to play pokemon vortex and would you like to know the tips that will help you to be successful in the game? Here are some of the beneficial tips:

Train with a CPU player

If you are stuck with a weak Pokémon, you need to train with a CPU player, which is a training account. The account has 6 pokemons that cannot attack. When training, you have to make sure to defeat all the pokemons and you will greatly increase your points. You will also get a lot of money when you win.

Get legendary

Legendary Pokemon are extremely powerful Pokemon. When you get them, you will have the assurance of winning almost all your battles. There are several ways to obtain them. One of the ways is to catch them while playing.

Legendary Pokemon usually appear in random areas of the map when you defeat all Gym Leaders, Champions, and 4 Elite. After winning your battles, you must be interested and identify the legendaries. When you notice a legendary, you have to be quick and catch it as soon as possible.

Get Master Balls

Master balls are much better to work with than normal push balls. While master balls are very effective, the unfortunate thing is that many people don’t know how to get them. If you want to get the balls, this is how you can get them. You need to start by right clicking on an Ultra ball and choosing “Inspect Element”. You must scroll through the menu and find “Value = Ultra Ball”. You need to double click on it and change Ultra Ball to Master Ball.

Earn more money

In order for you to continue playing you need money. There are several ways to earn money. One of the ways is by winning as many battles as possible. Here you must make sure to win against all the pokemons you come across. Another way is to change the Ultra Ball to Master Ball.

Losing the battle

If you analyze the situation and discover that you are about to lose the battle, you must flee. This way, you will never lose a battle that is good for you. If you are just starting out and don’t want to lose a battle, you have to fight training accounts.


Pokemon vortex is a great game when you play it correctly. For ideal results, you should avoid following foolish advice that will mislead you.

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