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If you are planning to go out of town for a weekend getaway or for a much longer vacation and you cannot bring your pet. It is best to ensure that your pet’s stay is as pleasant and easy as possible during your absence. You can do this by hiring a pet sitter. But before you get one, it’s best to prepare for a hiring checklist, so that during your absence your furry friend has the best comfort available. Some of the things to keep in mind include:

Vacation itinerary

This would include the time and date of your expected departure and arrival.

Contact information

Be sure to give your cell phone number, hotel information, and room number in case you need to be contacted by the person you have hired.

Contact numbers of your immediate family members

The pet sitter may not be able to reach you. In such a situation, they should have an emergency contact number for their immediate family members who can make responsible decisions in their absence.

Key information and security alarm

Be sure to provide the necessary information to the pet sitting professional about home safety during your absence.

Primary veterinarian information

Include the name of the practice and the veterinarian they can contact by providing the address and phone number of the clinic.

Emergency Veterinary Clinic Information

If there is an emergency with your pet after the main veterinarian’s office hours, the pet sitter should have the information of an emergency animal hospital that can treat the pet quickly, thus relieving stress.

Feeding and walking schedule

As a pet owner, you know your furry companion’s feeding and walking schedule. In your absence, this task must be performed by the person you have hired. Therefore, provide him with the necessary information so that he can keep the pet’s schedule in the best possible way.

List of treatments and instructions for use.

If your pet is in any treatment, please specify the instructions so that the treatment can be given in time. This ensures that your pet does not miss a dose in your absence.

List of foods and treats

Although you may have arranged the pet food in your absence, it is always best to tell the pet sitter where you can get the pet food in your absence. If your flight is delayed or due to unforeseen circumstances you cannot get home on time, you need to know where to get pet food for your furry friend.

Pet Grooming Items List

Give detailed instructions on where you have stored the various pet care items, such as brush, food, cleaning pads, sweater (if it’s cold outside), and leash.

Favorite Toys

Inform about the pet’s favorite toys so that the pet’s mind can be easily distracted.

Hazards along the walking route

Always specify if there are any unfriendly pets in the neighborhood or if a neighbor yells if your pet pees in the yard. By telling them these things, you can ensure that the pet sitter knows how to handle the situation if necessary.

Space and furniture limitations

Provide a list of rooms or furniture that your pet cannot enter.


Always report the estimated date and time of visitors to the home, such as a house cleaner, lawn care company, or pool attendant. This is particularly important so that your pet sitter does not think they have entered your home.

When your pet is well cared for during your absence, you will have a more pleasant and carefree trip. The pet sitter will also have a great time taking care of your pet. So the next time you decide to go on vacation without your pet, don’t forget to prepare a handy checklist for your pet sitter.

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