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I had to use an Aion leveling guide to make sure I completed all the hidden missions in this game, as the missions are not that numerous in Aion: Tower of Eternity. After passing level 20, each level has its share of grinding, so if you don’t like spending time killing mobs, then maybe Aion isn’t the game for you. However, I am going to show you a few points for the Elyos grind here that should make things easier for any player who chooses the game’s warm and radiant faction.

Like I said, I have been following the search path for an Aion leveling guide, but when the search was over, I had to push myself. But since this rigorously done search route has taken me to unknown corners of the game, I have found some great places. So, here are 3 of them.

1. The easiest things to kill that I have found to kill for level 22-25 were the Greedy Zombies located on Theobomos. You can find many of them near Theobomos Ruins, a bit southwest from the center of the map. They will not only give you a good experience, but they will also give you some good loot. While polishing them, I got a pair of life chain gloves, a blue item that I sold for 500k Kinah.

2. For levels 31-34, I have found quite a squishy mob species in Eltnen. The place is located somewhere southeast of Agairon Village. The mobs here are bird-like creatures, called Virago Robbers. The loot is not extremely rich, but these mobs die very easily, so you will have quick progress by grinding them. It is also easy to grind here with each class.

3. The third place is in Verteron, to the southwest, on the Cantas Coast. There are a few pirate ships here and plenty of elite tier 19 Krall mobs. However, this is not the place for any class. For example an Assassin will get a kick in the butt here and waste time, but with a Spiritmaster you can do it solo very well as they are kite friendly. Even if you spend a bit of time killing a mob, you will still get a good 16-20k experience, depending on your level.

Now, these places that I learned by following this excellent Aion leveling guide are not within the Abyss, as you can see. So you don’t have to worry too much about being attacked by Asmodians. But, if you want a solid experience, at least after reaching level 25 and finishing your Abyss tuning quest chain, I highly recommend going to the Abyss.

Balaur mobs within the Abyss grant improved XP compared to creatures found in other areas of Elyos, as well as granting Abyss Points, Kinah, and some good loot. But, if you choose the Abyss to grind, it’s important to always keep a low profile so Asmodian doesn’t attack you because otherwise a grinding session can end with a lot of frustration instead of “fantastic” XP.

I hope the announcements and tips I’ve shared here have been helpful enough for any Elyos player. However, for anyone looking to improve their leveling process in Aion Online, I highly recommend the Aion leveling guide that I have been working with. It has a great search and grind path designed to help even the most inexperienced Elyos player.

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