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Speaker 1 Amazon on advertising is a relatively new concept that can hugely benefit businesses looking to sell more products online. And this ends on advertising one on one lesson. I’m going to cover what types of ads you can choose from, how to pay for your ads and how to sign up and get started on your Amazon advertising strategy. Amazon is an e-commerce superpower back in twenty seventeen, Amazon reported having over one hundred million prime members. That’s only the people who have a paid subscription in twenty eighteen.

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Amazon was a third largest ad business right behind Facebook and Google. Amazon advertising is very similar to Google ads. You have the option of optimizing your products to show in the search results while also having the option to run a paid campaign. With Amazon advertising. You can get your ads to show up in front of a lot of people if you’re targeting your ads, right. You can sell a ton of your products. There are three types of ads that you should be familiar with. First, will cover sponsored product efforts. They show up within the regular search results, but let users know that they’re sponsored within the ad. You can target these ads by keyword or product category. These ads have the best sales per click because they appear alongside the product search results.


The next type of ad is a sponsored brand ad. These can be seen above the regular search results. They include a brand’s logo and up to three products. A fun fact for this. These convert three times better than Google shopping ads sponsor brand and product ads are sold on a cost per click basis, meaning your ad can show up in front of the user, but you don’t pay until the user clicks on your ad. The last ad that I’m going to talk about is a product display, and these looks similar to other display ads you would see around the Internet. But they’re specifically targeting a product on Amazon. These ads can be refined by product or interest targeting. They can appear on multiple spots throughout a search page or a product page.

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You pay for display ads and a cost per thousand impressions basis. This means that you pay for every one thousand people that see your ad. For all ad types, the cost can vary depending on what you’re targeting in your ad, like the keyword, your budget. And for display ads, the format of the ad and its placement on the page. When you want to get started with Amazon advertising, you can manage your account or work with a team of experts. What effects to start selling and marketing your products. If you want to manage your own Amazon advertising strategy, you can go to advertising, dot and register today.


If you don’t have an Amazon seller, central or vendor central account clicking register, we’ll take you to a page where you can click the link to sign up for the right account. Vendor Central account for distributors and manufacturers of product and our invite only. You distribute your products directly to Amazon and they set the prices, fulfill the orders, handle customer service and more sellers. Sensual accounts sell to Amazon shoppers and anyone can sign up for one. With this account, the seller or Amazon fulfills the orders and handles the customer service. Check out our Amazon Vendor Central Blog Post to learn more today.

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When creating your Amazon ads, you have to have something to sell on Amazon. This is one requirement of Amazon advertising. Your products also have to be new as opposed to refurbished or used. Amazon has a list of requirements on their website you can read about before deciding what you advertise. It’s important to keep in mind when creating your Amazon ads that you should treat them like any ad you would put on the web. Find a keyword to target, right. Interesting ad copy. Consider the key words that you’re placing your ad. Try considering what you would want to see. When you’re searching for an item on Amazon, I hope you feel empowered to start advertising your products on Amazon. It’s a huge opportunity for you to drive sales to your business. Check out our website and subscribe to our YouTube channel to continue learning how to sell more products and grow your business.

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