Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

TMobile Pocket PC’s exchange and repair programs are just one of the things consumers like about this top-tier provider. Through this program, a customer can request repair services or an exchange of their handheld through the TMobile Pocket PC Repair Centers or through the assistance of a T-Mobile Customer Service representative.

And based on customer feedback, T-Mobile’s Pocket PC Repair and Exchange Service is something consumers can trust.

TMobile after-sales service

As a T-Mobile customer, you can use the exchange or repair program if your Pocket PC is still within the warranty period (usually one year) and if the defect or damage is not your fault. If that’s the case, T-Mobile will ship a replacement Pocket PC.

Upon receipt of the replacement Pocket PC, you will need to complete a replacement form and send it back with the defective Pocket PC within seven days. Otherwise, T-Mobile will charge you the amount for the replacement of the handheld device.

However, if your Pocket PC is older than one year (i.e. outside of T-Mobile’s warranty period), a replacement can still be shipped to you while repairs are being done on your Pocket PC for a $ 70 fee. .

Don’t want to pay the $ 70 fee? Call a T-Mobile Customer Service Representative to learn more about other options you may have regarding your defective or malfunctioning Pocket PC. Do not be shy; many Pocket PC consumers are unaware of the options they have when it comes to device repairs, refunds and exchanges.

A note on T-Mobile trade-ins: If you have an older model handheld, such as a Toshiba Pocket PC, T-Mobile may not be able to provide replacements or repairs for these handhelds because their manufacturers no longer make them. .

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