Thu. May 19th, 2022

In addition to waiting for a winning lottery ticket, the fastest millionaires are made in days. No, they don’t marry for money and they don’t rob banks. Record millionaires do business. Very great offers. The fastest way to earn a million dollars in days is to buy and sell something. Or negotiate a deal where you get paid as a middleman.

Think big. Items like $ 15 million luxury yachts and waterfront mansions and all kinds of high net worth items are bought and sold every day. I’m not talking about becoming a real estate agent or car dealer, although you may need qualifications to trade certain items and your ethical standards must be very high at these heady price levels.

The point is, high-priced items pay very well because they require assistance to complete. You may want to buy and sell a $ 20 million jet. Most negotiators, for example, especially when they are starting out, do not have $ 20 in their account, much less the $ 20 million it takes to buy and sell a jet.

But they know they don’t need $ 20 million, they just need a temporary legal check on the asset until the deal closes. This can be accomplished in a number of ways. Think of the humble exclusivity agreement you sign with your real estate agent if you are selling your home. Basically, that contract transfers control of your property to the agency. You cannot sell it on your own and no one else can sell it. This is a simple business tool. If you sold the property below them before the expiration date, you still owe the agency the agreed commission and they could legally enforce this even though they are not responsible for the sale.

This is a way to control a high-value asset without having to buy it yourself. If you think about the margins, at 20 million, all you need is a small 5% to become a millionaire overnight. If you can negotiate deals like this, it becomes very lucrative.

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