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Say goodbye to belly fat. I’m going to show you how to burn belly fat fast with some simple and unusual fat loss exercises. If you exercise a lot but don’t lose any fat, then READ THIS NOW!

Bye Bye Belly Fat – Burn Belly Fat Fast

1. Walking inclined with deep breathing

To force your body to burn stomach fat quickly, walking on an incline with a deep breath every minute is ideal. Why? First of all, if you are overweight, it is unexpected to jump into a “HARDCORE” workout or workout routine. The chances of you getting hurt within the first 6 weeks are 50-50.

No one tells you that, huh?

Walking is an easy thing you can do. But simply walking doesn’t quickly burn belly fat. That’s where bowing and deep breathing come in.

Inclining a treadmill by as little as 10 degrees dramatically increases fat loss. Of course, it is more difficult than walking on a flat surface. So be prepared to break a sweat if you do this for 15-20 minutes. But another thing you can do that adds to the extra fat-burning power of incline walking is to take 1 or 2 deep breaths every minute you walk.

Why? Well, because the additional oxygen intake in your body is a catalyst for fat oxidation/burning. Just take a big breath in and let out a big breath out. Nothing else.

2. My secret exercise that triples the weight loss… spin like children

It’s funny that most of my clients don’t take me seriously when I tell them to do this. They think it’s a joke. Well, I can assure you that it is not. Spinning actually speeds up weight loss in a big way due to its unique abilities to stimulate and harmonize your hormones through your endocrine system.

It’s a bit complex and that’s why I have a report on it, but to get you started with this article, I’ll give you the basics. Rotate clockwise. Spin until you get a LITTLE dizzy.

That is all. Oh, and make sure to do AT LEAST 5 sets of twists a day to get the most benefits from this exercise…TO START. In fact, I do 10 sets of 20 spins every day.

So go ahead and try these out and prove to yourself that you can burn belly fat fast with these 2 unique fat loss exercises. Do you see me saying GOODBYE FAT BELLY?

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