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At the heart of most energy healing modalities is the concept of healing ourselves. Is this what we were built to do, but what our coding or life experiences make us forget? Why can we embrace the idea of ​​going to another source for healing? either with the use of pharmaceuticals or with a healthcare provider such as a physician, chiropractor, or someone in alternative medicine, such as an energy healer, massage therapist, herbalist, nutritionist, etc., but grasping the idea that the ability healing has always been within, it seems to be a difficult concept for our logical human mind to embrace.

We have all been taught (trained) to call our doctor, our mother, our pastor, our therapist, or our rabbi when we are sick in mind, body, or spirit. But we seem to forget to invoke our inner knowing or what I call our inner healer.

I recently had a very bad virus, the kind that persists for days. While awake one night in the middle of a war with my body, I began to think about self-healing. What hit me in my feverish / delusional state was that I’ve been looking at this whole self-healing thing from the wrong perspective. Sort of like outside in, rather than inside out. My thoughts were; If our goal on earth is to remember who we really are and experience the lessons that accompany that memory, which some refer to as an AWAKENING, then the path to do so lies outside of our human body. Enlightenment is the transcendence of our human body and the memory of our true nature, which is light and love. So why is self-healing so important? The question is whether we can embrace the idea that we have everything within our being, not our body to heal and transcend.

When we say look inward, go inward, or we mean your inner knowing, it is not a physical reference. It is a reflection within our knowledge of our inherent perfection and magnificence. “Heal others, heal yourself” is the opening of the portal that allows us to see that the inflictions of our body, our negative emotions and our so-called disconnection from Source is not the path to truth and light. When we accept that our physical bodies and our emotional bodies are simply an illusion of this world, something to look beyond, to transcend, we begin to see that healing begins with our connection to Source and our inherent Divinity. When we connect and discover this, we begin to transcend the need for our physical bodies to be complete and perfect. Total and perfect is what we are without the density of our physical and emotional body. This body is just a vehicle to navigate this dimension, to teach the lessons it has for us in this incarnation. “Heal Yourself” is remembering that we are not our body.

These statements can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Like I’m telling you not to see a doctor, medium, pastor, therapist, etc. for support. This is not at all what I am trying to convey. The lesson here is that we begin to listen to our inner knowing. I believe that Reconnective Healing Frequencies connect us to a place where we can allow ourselves to be guided to what is needed. Look inward first and ask what is needed. (our inner knowing always knows) Try not to look outside ourselves asking others what we need. When we know with inner conviction that we need to talk to our doctor, medium, pastor, therapist, healer and then follow that knowledge, we are now fully engaged in the process. It is our knowledge that will get us there, now we will have ears and hearts to really hear what and how these followers are guiding us to heal ourselves.

In Reconnective Healing, some will experience spontaneous physical healing, but ALL will experience a return to balance, by remembering or reconnecting to the “IT” factor that we will call Energy, Light and Information from the Source of pure love.

I just wrote a lot of fancy words, but mostly what I want you to know, what I want you to hear is attached below! Print this out, cut it out, laminate it, and put it in your back pocket, in case life makes you forget who you really are:

Who I am

The inner healer

  1. You are made of light … nothing more nothing less
  1. Within that light there is energy and information. This energy of light and information is who you are in your infinite connection with pure love.
  1. You are not your physical body or your emotional body. They are just an illusion of this time and space. The body is something to look beyond or transcend, using the lessons that the body can bring.
  1. Enlightenment is the transcendence of our human body and the memory of our true nature, which is light and love.
  1. You are love, you are not made of love, you do not experience love, you do not share love, you do not seek love, YOU ARE LOVE.
  1. You are the inner voice, the knowledge that has no beginning and no end.
  1. You are a divine being, connected to your Source, the IT factor or what I call God.
  1. God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent.
  1. The vastness of this Universe and the Universes beyond cannot begin to corner the essence that you share with your Source. You are an infinite being connected to everyone.
  1. “Heal yourself” is to remember that we are not our body. Healing yourself or self-healing is the granting of your inner knowing to embrace and embody your perfection and intrinsic divine magnificence.

Frequencies of Reconnective Healing and Personal Reconnections reconnect you with the memory or knowledge of these facts or, as Ms. Jillian Fleer, Head of Insight and Development at The Reconnection puts it, the “Truthfulness” of who you are.

Are you ready to embrace the TRUTH of who you are? Read Dr. Eric Pearl’s book “The Reconnection, Heal Others, Heal Yourself”, go online and visit The Reconnection website or you can call or message me to promote this conversation.

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