Thu. May 19th, 2022

Are you one of those who wants to avoid the use of a cane?

Maybe you are not. Maybe you can’t wait to get up in the morning and reach for your cane, when it’s time to start walking. If you are not one of these people and want to get rid of your cane, please read this important free health information. This free information can help you walk better again without that cane!

1.) Why do we use canes to walk? – Let’s talk about this for a second

What are the main reasons people use a cane?

A.) Improved stability when walking

B.) Improved Walking Speed

Would you agree with this? Sure, there are probably other reasons people use a cane, but these are the main ones.

2.) Your alternative to a cane – AFO

One of the reasons people have problems with stability and walking speed is that they have problems below the knees. If you have a foot drop or other gait problem, you may resort to wearing a foot and ankle brace to help; instead of using a cane.

There are special braces that can help a person who uses a cane. Yes, many times you can get rid of the cane too, due to the support these braces provide. An orthotic specialist, known as an orthopedist, can provide an ankle foot orthosis (or AFO). When you visit a licensed orthopedist, you can talk about her gait and why she uses a cane to walk.

3.) Benefits of using an AFO instead of a cane

A.) You don’t have to carry anything when you walk

B.) The AFO can be easily hidden when wearing a pair of pants.

Unless you’re someone who likes their cane because it’s fashionable, then it’s time to consider this type of brace. They’re not for everyone, but you’d be surprised how much better you can walk with the right kind of AFO. Your walking speed may increase, your stability may also improve, all while easily hiding under a pair of pants! – For more information, visit your local licensed orthopedist. They can help you understand the benefits of these braces for your particular situation. These special braces may also be covered by your health insurance!

*Note: This is health information. Yes, it is helpful, but your local licensed orthopedist (brace specialist) should give you medical advice about braces.

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