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Eating out at a live action role-play event, a catering guide for Larping. Regardless of the length of the event you go to, you will definitely need to eat and drink. Here are the different options gamers tend to choose when they go on a weekend of live action RPGs and some thoughts on each one.


“It’s just a two-day event; I don’t need to eat a real meal.” This type of RPG will usually stop at a garage or small store on the way to the event and purchase a bag of sandwiches, fries, patties, and chocolate. This works well for players who, for whatever reason, can’t find the time to order food before the event. However, a live-action role-play event is usually exhausting and can often last late into the night. Not eating properly for even a few days can affect your sleep patterns, your health, and therefore your enjoyment of the big weekend event.

Fast food

Some of the bigger live-action RPG events have burger vans and other catering facilities similar to what you might find at a music festival. Some people, when they go to play, find that it takes enough time to organize their kit and to be able to buy all their food on site, leaving more time for the game itself. The downside here is that fast food is far from healthy in most cases, plus queues and delays can mean you miss out on the adventure you’re paying for. Also, money can be a problem for many people looking for money and the prices on the site can be quite high.

The player who has it all

In every club and in every event there are people who simply bring everything with them when they start; including the kitchen sink. These folks can make a full English breakfast or even a three-course meal in their shop or in the back of their car. The main advantage of this approach is that you can eat well at a live action RPG event on just a low budget. The main downsides are the space in the car that is needed, which can mean leaving the character’s gear, and also the time it takes to cook and clean when you could participate in the activities you’ve paid for.

Catering a group event

This is a popular approach taken by many people today when they go on a trip. You get a group of people who are going to play live action RPGs together and they all bring different items to feed everyone in the group for a series of meals. This can be a relatively low-cost option and may mean that you only help with one meal, but eat many. However, this requires some organization and, as in all walks of life, not everyone in the hobby is capable of doing this well and people can eat quite annoyingly if there is no milk for tea etc.

Catering by the event organizers.

This is probably the best option at an event. Leave it up to the people running the event, who are most likely to have hired professionals and will provide a wide variety of healthy foods at a reasonable price. Many of the biggest events across the UK will now offer a catering option, if in doubt please reach out to them and see what’s available.

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