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So, you want to find the right hair extensions … well, here’s a complete guide to selecting the right hair extensions for you, how to make sure you don’t waste money ordering low-quality extensions, which just won’t last you any longer. over a month, how to help you avoid buying extensions that will damage your hair from the roots and lead to alopecia, and how to buy that ultimate set of extensions to help you instantly achieve volume, length, or that celebrity style. This article focuses on clip-in hair extensions and explains why I prefer them over pre-attached and micro-loop extensions.

Clip in hair extensions are a great investment. The beauty of hair extensions in general is that they instantly allow you to change your appearance and achieve styles that you simply couldn’t without waiting months for your hair to grow out, if you want length; But if you want extra volume or recreate the Kardashian / Cheryl Cole style or many other celebrity looks, extensions are really the only way. Don’t be fooled, almost all celebrities wear extensions! So why the clips? Well clip-in hair extensions apply quickly over permanent solutions and if you buy a good weight of hair they give your roots a much needed break when you remove them, which permanent extensions don’t do, and cost between £ 50. -100 for a good game (more on the price later, you get what you pay for!).

A good weight for extensions is 120g of hair, and that’s perfect for 90% of people, maybe 140-160g if you have very thick hair, over 160g and you are at a much higher risk of alopecia. I highly recommend anyone shopping to ignore all the websites, salons and stores that offer more than 160g as yes this will give you extra thickness, all too often an unnatural looking thickness far beyond even levels from Kim Kardashian), but the risk of alopecia is very high. A UK company offers a 215g set of extensions, but this weight will pull more on the roots of the hair and it will also look too thick. Why do you think the best stylists use comb cutting shears to thin hair in the salon, to reduce weight and allow for a more luxurious and voluminous style, then why add 215g of hair again, stressing the roots and undoing all good? work your haircut (since you’re reading this, probably expensive). Also, keep in mind that a full head of bonded extensions or micro loop extensions would use around 100-200 strands of hair weighing 0.8g of hair per strand, which is roughly equivalent to 80-160g of hair.

Next, we come to the quality of the hair. This is a tough question. Almost all providers will claim that they offer “the best” hair available, but this is not the case. I suggest if you want long lasting seams (so your hair doesn’t fall out), very soft hair that holds a curl and is not matte, I would recommend spending around £ 90-100, but you should expect them to last 12+ months, if you take care of them. Extensions that cost less than this would have been done less carefully, use poor quality hair, or both! It wouldn’t make much sense to buy them for £ 40-50 if they last you 3 months as that would mean £ 160-200 for 12 months, or you could spend £ 90-100!

As for taking care of your extensions, that’s pretty simple. ALWAYS use heat protection spray! This will prevent your hair from drying out and getting raggedy. Then wash the hair as needed, i.e. when there is a build-up of products, mousse / hairspray / argan oil / sea salt spray / etc. Let your hair dry naturally when you wash it. Once a month, use a deep conditioning hair mask to restore oils and moisture to the hair (sounds obvious, but extensions won’t naturally replace them like your own hair does). For added shine, use argan oil. However, be careful not to overdo it, as you will end up with a set of greasy extensions that need to be washed off.

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