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1. Birds also need physical stimulation.

Some people buy birds because, in their eyes, they are easier to care for than a cat or dog. The dog needs to get out and get plenty of exercise, the cat needs its space, and the birds just sit in a cage, right?

Wrong! Birds normally fly, this is how they live in nature. And the cockatoo, although it is a small bird, will need a lot of exercise. That means he needs a roomy cage and some time out of the cage every day. That means you will have to have some patience while he is pacing the room and please leave the windows and doors closed while he is busy doing that. The bird should be supervised at all times while enjoying its exercise, because it could fall behind furniture and injure itself.

2. Your child also has emotional needs.

Cockatiels are social birds, they live among a flock, and they tend not to do so well alone. If you plan to acquire a bird, be aware of the fact that cockatoos have the emotional intelligence of a 2-year-old human, that means that he needy!

You will need to spend at least two hours every day with your pet. That does not mean that you will have to be with him for two hours, but at least being around him during that time, he will try to interact with you and communicate his needs to you. You can listen to music, read aloud to him, or just talk to him. The bird will like to perch on you and watch you do your chores or just relax.

If you are a busy person, coming home late from work, eating while watching the latest on Netflix, and then going to bed, then you will have a really depressed cockatoo, with behavioral problems and eventually health problems.

3. They tend to live a long time.

If cared for properly, cockatoos can grow up to 14 years old. That is a long time. Keep in mind that the cockatoo will really bond with you and have trouble adjusting to a new environment and a new human being. If you can’t commit to caring for a bird for at least 7-10 years, just don’t buy it. Buy a cute little mouse.

4. They have behavior problems.

Cockatoos like to sing and vocalize, they will try to communicate with the birds outside and, like any other bird, they will be especially noisy in the mornings and afternoons. But I already had my Boy for 4 years and my neighbors did not suspect that I had a bird in my house.

But if they aren’t stimulated enough or don’t have a routine, you might come across a screaming bird. The bored cockatoo, not getting the attention it needs, will try to get it by making a lot of noise. And if you don’t react properly, this behavior will intensify and it will be really difficult to unlearn.

So if you like your peace and quiet, get a cat. If you don’t have the patience or time to stimulate your bird, get a fish. It is better for everyone.

5. They need a specialized vet.

Taking care of cockatoos is an easy job, but you will have to closely monitor their appetite, their water intake, and make sure they have a variety of foods in their diet. Cockatoos are birds of prey, so they will try to hide the fact that they are sick until they can’t do it anymore. You will need to become an expert on your bird’s behavior, closely observing its patterns and also its droppings, as they can tell a lot about the health of your birds.

If you do become ill, you will need to seek out a doctor who has some experience treating exotic pets, while most veterinarians specialize in treating cats and dogs.

6. They are fragile birds.

When it comes to the environment, cockatoos are really sensitive. They enjoy a routine – lights on / off at specific times, they enjoy consistency and don’t like change much. In fact, they are terrified For this. Therefore, they need someone who can maintain order and consistency for long periods of time.

Also, they are fragile birds, they sometimes have night scares and will need your immediate attention, otherwise they could get hurt.

They are not suitable for young children. They are beautiful, sometimes stately, and very friendly – a perfect target for children, but need to be handled with care, so they are better suited to older children. So keep that in mind when buying one.

If you can handle all of the above, you should know that cockatoos make excellent companions, they are friendly and quirky and sometimes empathetic, very pleasant to watch, and can entertain you and your guests with beautiful songs and vocalizations. If you take proper care of it, your bird will become your best friend.

Best of luck!

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