Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

It seems that advances in science and technology have made life easier for people: transportation that takes us where we want to go, machines, appliances and gadgets that make work easier. In particular, with the advent of the Internet, almost everything can be done online: reading, studying, banking online, and even shopping. However, the ease of life has led more people to live a sedentary lifestyle.

Leading a sedentary lifestyle generates health problems for people such as obesity, cardiorespiratory diseases, stress and diabetes, among others. Realizing the need for a more active lifestyle, more people are participating in health and fitness programs to improve their health conditions and stay fit.

People who exercise regularly attest that they perform much better at work. They are often found to have a better disposition in life. Perhaps it is due to the fact that when people exercise, they not only sweat out all the toxins and burn all those calories from their body, but they also release all the stress they experience at home, school or work. Through a good cardio workout, the force of oxygen in the brain clears the head somehow, improves blood circulation, and therefore releases a lot of that tension in the muscles. A good cardiovascular exercise that you may want to try is cycling outside or riding a bike.

Cycling is a low-impact exercise that doesn’t put too much pressure or put too much pressure on the joints, unlike running, walking, and weight training. This means that with cycling, you can have more time to exercise, which translates to more calories burned than with running or jogging.

However, some people are afraid to try cycling for exercise. Their fears include:

There may not be a bike that can hold me.

· I may be uncomfortable because I am not good at riding a bicycle.

· I am afraid to hit the road.

Actually, these problems are not real problems. There are bikes for large cyclists and bike shops can help you with the bike that suits you best. When you are afraid of looking uncomfortable or falling, you can practice riding your bike in your yard until you have the confidence to drive further from home. You can practice in your nearby park where there is less traffic. As you continue to practice, you will feel more confident riding your bike. The fun thing is that you can travel with your friends and family.

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