Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Like any other nation, Nigerians should be thankful to God for the freedom they seem to enjoy today. Fighting for power with the colonial masters was not such an easy task. When the men signed the Declaration of Independence, they might as well have signed it with their blood.

The United States had about fifty-six men who signed the declaration of independence. Of the fifty-six me, five of them were captured by the British and tortured to death, twelve had their homes looted or looted or burned or hit by the enemy, two of them lost their children in the army, one had children captured by the British, and nine of them were killed by difficulties or by enemy bullets. They paid a tremendous price that America enjoys today.

In Nigeria, the story is a little different, but challenging. Those who signed the document truly committed their life, honor and fortune to the new country, Nigeria. Although this document declared Nigeria separate from the colonial masters, the settlers of that time had to fight against the British before being recognized as an independent nation. If the declaration had failed, they knew what awaited them; they would have been tried as traitors and would have faced the executioner’s noose. Their lives, their homes, their families, and the failure of the nation were at stake.

We are not talking about irresponsible men here, because those men were highly placed, responsible people on earth, but they were different from the average citizen, considering freedom much more important than the safety, ease, and comfort they enjoyed. So much so that they compromised their lives, their fortunes, and even their honor to make it happen. The Nigerian Declaration of Independence document was not signed with ease, but with the blood of front-line freedom fighters.

It was Thomas Jefferson who, lamenting the state of America, says: “How little do my compatriots know of the precious blessings they possess and which no other people enjoy.” Nigerians are privileged to own and live in a country blessed by God and endowed with great and valuable resources, as is evident today. Imagine how sweet and joyous it is to regain your freedom, without reservation, from a giant with whom you can never fight for power.

My heart bleeds that all the efforts and work of our past heroes are quickly coming to nothing. Nigeria today hangs on a wooden pillar, weighs on a scale, and is deficient. It is a pity that a nation established on God-given principles is rapidly depreciating in the knowledge and fear of God. Instead of being thankful to God for the freedom these men gave their lives for, Nigeria is becoming a nation where ungodly activities are glorified.

Corruption, in both the low and high places, has become a norm in Nigerian society. The people now rob the government and challenge the rest of the people to fight. The insecurity of life and property, the killing of innocent people, armed robbery, the lack of focus of the leadership, the irresponsibility of public and political officials, tribal and religious intolerance, etc., are rapidly becoming a tradition in Nigerian society. Education, which is a right of all citizens, has become the status symbol of the rich and rich. In Nigeria, almost everything is in a coma: the road network, electricity, water, etc., and the government is not doing enough or is not disturbed at all. The law gives all citizens the right and freedom of movement: to come and go anywhere in the country without being disturbed, but today many Nigerians are losing their freedom as citizens, as they are treated as foreigners in their own land. .

Let me remind you that when a nation or an individual abandons God, a drastic change will take place. When a nation strays from justice, it will surely fall until it finally ends up in the region of the lost. Nigeria must take care of itself, because we are seeing those things that were not right before turning right today and the government is clapping in celebration.

Freedom can be intoxicating. Whenever this happens, danger looms and the separation between good and evil becomes blurred. Nigerians question many things, looking for loopholes to be able to look more like ordinary dogs. But God is still aware of every situation, no matter how bad it is. He created man and built something within each individual that allows him to distinguish good from evil, and that is called conscience.

Our conscience tells us that stealing is wrong. You don’t need to hear them preach to you before believing, it’s in you Sadly, the Nigerian judiciary, which many people believe is doing well, recently began to show its true old nature. They allow spaces for unwarranted gaps that encourage bad trends. When people leave the godly principles established by the King of kings, wicked men and women will bring their agenda to the fore. Those who signed the Nigerian Declaration of Independence were men who feared God; that they did not give up their need, even though it cost them a lot.

We should have considered how good it would be, if we had considered the cost of being free. Nigeria has the potential to be greater than what we are seeing now, if you think back and build on the sacrifice of our past heroes. We will not continue in this way, it is not worth doing wrong. Those who forget God follow the line of destruction. Once again, Nigeria should not be drunk with freedom, it is dangerous. What we need now is a time to crouch closer to the Lord, not a time to stray. God will always be on our side if we hold on to what is right. God bless Nigeria.

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