Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

I received an interesting email from a man claiming that penis enlargement was satanic and that men who want to enlarge their penises will be controlled by the Devil (Satan) as it is his will to use them as vehicles for the Devil’s sexual needs. .

I will not go into all the details of the email. However, I will give a brief summary:

He had been working on penis enlargement for four years and was able to see some improvement. He did not elaborate, but from his writing, it seemed to achieve that he had done some pretty impressive things. As he began to grow up, he began to have sex with more and more women. Apparently, word got out about his size and he, as he put it, “I became a wild man” and started having sex every second that he could. He also mentioned certain stimulants / drugs that he was taking to increase his stamina, which I will not go into.

He explained that three women approached him one day and wanted to have a “sex party” together. He went home and got a little scared because there were staves and candlesticks with numerous candles on them. Some goat skulls too, but I guess they were probably cow skulls, they were painted black. He did not feel comfortable.

Things seemed to get weirder for him and he finally realized that these women were “witches” and worshiped him as some kind of earthly demon. He woke up the next morning in his apartment and did not remember how he got there or everything that had happened that night. He mentioned that he had bruises all over his body in the form of handprints. A red “x” on his penis and some other weird stuff, which I won’t get into.

Basically, he determined from all this that the devil had encouraged him to enlarge his penis. This was so the devil could use it as a tool to [the Devil’s] sexual pleasure that, “the devil needs this sexual energy to be strong.” He felt that way because his enlargement had turned him into some kind of malignant sexual animal. He claimed that he learned through all of this that God only wants a man to be with a woman. They cannot have “sex” but they can “make love” to have children.

He mentioned, after reflecting on his experiences, what the turning point was when the devil finally took over his body when his penis was big enough: It was when women began to come to him to have sex.

He pointed out that penis enlargement will lead to this and warned me because I am promoting this evil topic.

His seemed quite sincere and it’s really not my place to judge him, but I pointed out a few things to him in my answer:

Many men are born with a large penis. This does not make them satanic or evil. Just as some women have naturally large breasts; this doesn’t make them evil either.

Many men who enlarge the penis have increased their confidence in life and used it to save and improve their marriages and relationships. Just because a man has a big penis doesn’t mean he can’t be faithful. A big penis doesn’t make a man insatiable either.

A large penis, like having a lot of money, can be used for better or for worse. If you use a lot of money to exploit and harm others, this is Wrong. However, if you use it to help charities and people in need, then this is good. The same goes for a large penis. You can use it to love and please your partner as much as possible, or you can use it to cause a sexual fuss and do all kinds of despicable things.

It’s like that expression: “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” This is comparable to penis enlargement – your penis is the weapon. Really, your penis is not going to come out on its own and start looking for sex or causing problems. It is the Person who controls the penis. Not the other way.

I never heard an answer from him. I hope you have accepted your situation. Honestly though, I don’t think that enlarging your penis is evil or demonic. Men who are not afraid of turning evil by enlarging their penis should read, IRON MAN PENIS – THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM.


Georg von neumann

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