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Today, there are vivid brain tonics readily available on the market to enhance brain memory power. Most of these herbal remedies are capable of relieving stress and tension in your life. The benefits of each herbal supplement vary depending on the key ingredients included in the medicine. Let’s review some of the herbal remedies and supplements that are used to improve brain memory and find out how they work in the human body. Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Vacha, and Mulathi are some of the common medicinal herbs that are used to improve the power of concentration. Ashwagandha, scientifically named Withania Somnifera, is the best medicine for relieving anxiety and depression, which in turn promotes a good memory. Regular intake of Ashwagandha helps in better growth of nerve cells and better stress management.

Vacha is another commonly suggested medical cure among patients with poor memory. Vacha, also known as Acorus Calamus, rejuvenates the brain and nourishes nerve cells. Studies found that the rhizome part of this aromatic herb is capable of increasing brain memory power. A relaxed and stress-free environment plays an important role in memory activation. Brahmi or Bacopa monnieri is an inherent herb that is used to reduce tension and stress. Brahmi tastes bitter, but sweetens your life with its amazing medicinal power. It is also well known as an astringent and regular intake of Brahmi makes you feel stress free, fresh and relaxed.

Mulathi or licorice root is a sweet root that is used as a brain nutrient and as a rejuvenator. Reducing mental fatigue, balancing blood sugar level, and improving adrenal gland function are some of the benefits of using licorice roots. Shankupushpi is another herbal medicine known for centuries used to improve brain memory. The regular intake of Shankupushpi prevents the attack of many mental disorders such as insomnia, anxiety and stress. An example of a memory-boosting herbal supplement, Brain O Brain capsule is a rich combination of Vacha, Brahmi, Ashwagandha, and Mulathi. Brain O Brain capsules are readily available in the market in capsule form and the use of this herbal medicine helps stabilize your emotions and gives you a stress free life.

Try to prepare a healthy and balanced diet in consultation with your doctor. The magical power of ginseng, rosemary, and ginger root to boost memory power is remarkable. The inclusion of these herbs in the diet improves the blood circulation of the body and awakens the memory. Red clover, black pepper, and club moss are some other examples of natural remedies that cause brain memory agitation.

Badam pak is another example of a natural food supplement to improve the level of brain concentration. It is an excellent relaxant, immunizer, and antidepressant herbal remedy. Bhadam, Ghrit, and Javitri are some of the key ingredients included in Badam pak. Helps repair damaged nerve cells and improve synaptic activity of nerve cells. If you want to have a cup of tea to boost your memory power, Brahmi herbal tea is the best option. Brahmi herbal tea is a composition of dried leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds with a high medicinal value. Relieves stress, nourishes the nervous system, and increases your energy levels for a healthy lifestyle.

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