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Putting your home on the market can be a tiring experience, especially when you haven’t prepared it for the open house. Before inviting potential clients to view your home, it is important to do some interior and exterior remodeling. The more you improve the property from the inside out, the better your chances are that you will not only sell the property, but get a higher return on investment.

The area you live in and the houses in your neighborhood will also influence the type of prospects you attract. In any case, there are essential improvements that can increase your chances of attracting the most home buyers.

This is an overview of the different ways you can increase the value of your property with both exterior and interior renovations.

Low maintenance upgrades

The thought of owning a home can spark vacation thoughts, start a family, and enjoy your own personal space. However, as many homeowners are faced with, there is a need for ongoing maintenance of their property. If you can reduce the need for maintenance, this will help attract home buyers. For example, you can install a maintenance-free siding. These are designed with cellulosic fibers, sand and cement. It can be made to look like wood, but without the rot and termites. These last much longer than traditional coatings, saving the homeowner time and money in the long run. Exterior remodeling, like this one, must be done by an experienced contractor.

Create convertible spaces

Today, people are looking to get the most out of their investment. This means having more flexibility and versatility in the things they buy. If you can offer this in your home design, you can attract buyers with this preference. One way to do this is to create convertible spaces. You can install folding walls that can turn a living room into a private study. You can also install a folding bed into a cabinet-style wall unit, turning an office or dining room into a sleeping area.

Build a laundry room

Being forced to go to a laundromat or use a machine in a dark, damp basement isn’t all that appealing. You can create a more convenient laundry room next to the bathroom, in a hallway, or on the side of your kitchen. This can be easily built by a remodeling contractor who specializes in room additions.

Grow your kitchen

If space allows, you should try to expand the amount of countertop and storage space you have within your kitchen. Although people are downsizing their homes, they are still looking for spacious kitchens. You can find unique ways to add more storage space to your kitchen, such as wall niches, cellars, or even a pantry.

Improvement for energy efficiency

Saving money is key for home buyers these days, especially with the shaky economy. You can ease the strain on potential buyers’ pockets by remodeling your home with energy efficiency in mind. For example, you can install LED fixtures throughout your home, a thermostat with more control features, and windows and doors that help keep the air inside. You could even go as far as to install energy tracking devices, so that energy use can be monitored.

A separate office

The basement is an unused space that goes to waste in many homes across the country. You can put an end to this by transforming yours into something useful – a home office. Today, many people are entrepreneurs or work in offices that offer telecommuting opportunities. Refresh your basement floors and consider adding a bathroom and bar for drinks and sandwiches. A hardworking holic would definitely appreciate this.

Before putting your home on the market, be sure to review the exterior and interior of your home to determine which remodeling contractor to hire for your needs. First impressions are everything, so hire the right contractor to prepare your home for potential clients.

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