Tue. Jun 28th, 2022

Science Daily recently published a review of a new study examining the efficacy of biofield therapies such as Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Healing Touch, titled “Biofield Therapies: Helpful or Overblown?”, conducted by Dr. Shamini Jain of the UCLA Division of Cancer Prevention and Control Research; and Paul Mills, MD, of the University of California Department of Psychiatry, and Moores Comprehensive Cancer Center in San Diego. The study found that these biofield therapies such as Reiki demonstrate “promising complementary interventions to reduce pain intensity in a range of conditions, reduce anxiety in hospitalized patients, and reduce agitated behaviors in dementia, beyond what they can achieve.” standard treatments. In addition, the researchers found “strong evidence that biofield therapies reduce pain intensity in free-living populations, and moderate evidence that they are effective in reducing pain in hospitalized patients and in cancer patients.”

As a Reiki Master, I have clearly seen a measurable reduction in pain while working with clients in my practice, including chronic pain from injuries and existing conditions such as fibromyalgia, as well as post-surgical pain. I am pleased to see that this evidence is confirmed as a result of clinical research.

To further demonstrate Reiki’s ability to reduce pain and facilitate healing, I would like to share the recent experience of a client who received Reiki from a distance. (Reiki practitioners at Level II or higher are trained to channel Reiki to others without being physically present.) Laurie tore the meniscus in her right knee and the resulting pain and swelling made it difficult for her to move. None of the conventional treatments for her injury—painkillers, steroids, and cortisone injections—provided much relief. She lives in Florida, so I couldn’t meet her in person. At her place, we agreed to set aside time several nights during the week for me to send her Reiki.

After our first session, I asked Laurie if she had noticed anything different and she reported that she felt warmth in her knee and at one point felt as if someone or something was physically manipulating her. The next day, she texted me saying her knee felt better than it had in weeks. After a couple more sessions, Laurie’s healing was so profound that she wrote in her testimonial, “I was able to get up and do all my normal activities WITHOUT PAIN, something I hadn’t been able to do for months!” She was so impressed with the results that she is currently considering learning Reiki.

As with any complementary therapy, individual response may vary, but many people like Laurie are seeing good results using Reiki and other biofield therapies for pain management caused by physical or medical conditions. In Laurie’s case, her doctor recommended surgery. It will be interesting to see if continued Reiki treatment and physical rehabilitation can allow complete healing of her knee without surgery. The inclusion of biofield therapies, such as Reiki, in the clinical setting can be a welcome presence and potentially reduce the number of medications or other interventions needed to keep patients stable and comfortable during the healing process.

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