Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

The Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 is one of those fantastic free online flash games, which makes you want to play it over and over again. And best of all, it’s absolutely free to play! You don’t need anything more than a browser with a flash player.

At first glance, the game’s graphics are simplistic, but the gameplay is incredibly smooth and enjoyable, so you’ll be drawn to the game right away. The graphics have the feel of being drawn by hand, and while it may seem too simple at first, you’ll start to love these kinds of graphics after playing Fancy Pants 2 for some time.

Fancy pants 2 is the game of the arcade genre of platforms. It means that you will run through the level, jump on platforms, fight enemies, and learn how to use your character’s abilities to reach the end of the level. While there are many things similar to any flash platformer game (jump on enemies to kill them, collect things to score points), there are a lot of fun things in this game, which you won’t find in most other games, running on the walls and ceilings being my favorite. It feels so good, when you accelerate and then continue running vertically as the floor curls up against the wall and then continues running backwards as the wall bends towards the ceiling! When you learn how physics works in Fancy Pants 2, you will enjoy just brushing up on those things. There are many places in the game where you must master this skill.

You control the Fancy Pants (this is the name of the character in the game) with the arrow keys, using the “S” key to jump. When you hold down the left or right arrow button, the Fancy Pants will accelerate in this direction and continue to function even if the floor curls up against the wall or ceiling. If you press the key down while running, you will perform a sliding motion or roll downhill, which is useful for taking out your enemies. You can kill enemies by sliding towards them or jumping on their head.

The game is fairly short and easy enough that an average player can finish the game in no time. This is really good, as most people are satisfied when they can finish the game. You can race through the levels with pure blink-free satisfaction, or you can slow down, explore, kill some spiders, discover some secret rooms – the choice is yours. I recommend looking for the secret rooms. You can unlock cool trophies or even get useful power-ups.

All in all, Fancy Pants 2 is a great game to play, and I highly recommend playing it. You have nothing to lose, it’s free, so if you don’t like it, close it and forget it, no strings attached!

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