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You have your homework. In your hands you have a photo of your jump, arrest warrants, address list and friends and family. If you are an employee, you know what you will be paid. If he works for you, like me, have some kind of agreement with the surety about how much they will pay you. The percentage of the bonuses can vary between states. Know what the current rate is in your area. You can earn between 6 and 10% of the amount of the deposit. You may agree to get mileage and hotel depending on how far you are going.

Whats Next?

It will eventually develop its own methods, but for now this is what I like to do. Sure, computers can give you a lot of data, but eventually you will hit the streets. Just remember that most people continue to do the same old thing, even if asked! That is bad for them but good for you. Therefore, before leaving the guarantor’s office, try to gather as much information about habits as possible. Does your person drink, smoke, play games, hang out in clubs, etc.? Is there a spouse? Get along? There are kids? Where they live? What school do they attend? What car do you drive with the license plate number? Has your person been known to become violent? You can check with your jail to verify that you have all the court orders and anything special to worry about. I prefer to do this in person.

Eventually your own questions will occur to you.

Now, check the area where your fugitive lived, worked, etc. Get to know yourself in depth! You are in his old zone. What does your car look like? Where do friends and family live? If possible, I like to observe from a sufficient distance to be able to see what is happening and not reveal my position. Make sure your car is similar to other vehicles in that area so it can be integrated. One last tip. This doesn’t happen often, but it could keep you out of jail.

Find out if your person may have been arrested by another county. Sometimes you may not know until you are about to take down the fugitive. The person may or may not tell you about an ankle band being worn as a result of being homebound. Keep in mind that these people can usually go from home to work and vice versa. If this situation occurs, perform some additional checks. But, for now, do not espose yourself! The boy may tell you. So, remember that if something feels too easy or wrong, wait and do more research. That extra time can keep you out of jail!

What do you plan to do when you see your jump? Plan that. What if there are friends nearby? Will they help or flee? Am I going to kick in the door of a house? Just to let you know, I’ve never done that, but friends in the business have. I just don’t want to come across a surprise indoors. So I try to create a situation that is the best for me or for my team. So basically, if certain situations arise and you and your people are in position, then go for it.

I try to tell people that if something can go wrong, it will definitely go wrong. If you have to follow his person, do so. Have some kind of feeling about where you might be headed. Where could your arrest fall? Gas station, grocery store? I prefer everything to run as smoothly and quietly as possible so as not to create a scene. Often I walk up to my person, I will stand next to him and tell him why I am there and how I hope things will happen. We can do this easily or hard. The decision is entirely up to him. Either way, I am prepared. If I’m standing there talking to him, the arrest will be within the next 60 seconds. I won’t give you time to find a way out. He is not my best friend. Whoever goes to jail feeds my family. The more you hesitate, the greater the chances that you can get hurt! So go ahead and get out of there.

What if you don’t see your jump? I like to go to areas where he is known to frequent. I will show people your photo and ask them if they have seen it. If the answer is no, move down the road on both sides. When you get a yes, ask about a vehicle, what was he doing, buying something, etc. Was he alone or with someone? Now is the time for you to listen well! If they describe the vehicle, friends, purchases, etc. correct, it may have been there. When was it seen? Many people want to make you think that they have actually seen your jump when in fact they have not. It will be up to you to examine the garbage. Therefore, it is to be expected that you know where your person is going, what time of the day and who is with him. Basically, you become that person long enough to catch him and go to the county jail where the bail was hit.

If you are going to another state, I suggest that you check that state’s rules regarding out-of-state fugitive recovery agents. Since my future is involved, I check it out myself! I don’t just take what people tell me to be true. Should you do the wrong thing, guess who ends up in jail?

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