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Building a house can be a roller coaster of emotions. Building a new home is an expensive and time-consuming endeavor that rarely goes from start to finish without a single setback or obstacle. To that end, it’s important to find the right partner who is easy to work with, has the right style and skill set, and streamlines the entire build process.

The first steps can be overwhelming. Where could one start? A good starting point is to get a solid idea of ​​what your home will look like. Traditionally, residential home builders are minimally involved in this stage of the process. The clients separately hire an architect, who works with the client to create a plan for the contractor to follow. However, this can lead to additional conflicts as two independent parties try to push the process forward. The architect may want to achieve his artistic vision, while the contractor may prioritize developing the structure in a logical manner that complies with permits and codes and stays within the client’s proposed budget. These opposing priorities can and do cause friction within the operation, adding to the emotional confusion of the experience.

An easy way to mitigate this situation is to consider hiring a two-in-one or design and build contractor. Consider the following five advantages of finding a company for both jobs:

1. A design and build contractor offers the same benefits as general contractor home builders while simplifying the design and build process with a one-stop shop.

2. Clients can find significant potential cost savings by not hiring a third-party company. Architects can be an expensive part of the process and contractors will often offer a discount to clients who use them for both parts of the build.

3. Clients can also find potential cost savings due to a more practical and timely process, as the architect side will create original plans taking into account the construction budget proposed by the client, avoiding disputes and disagreements between the two parties. Often times, clients have to pay the price for these disagreements through change orders or redesigns because the architect planned something that the general contractor cannot build within the client’s proposed budget.

4. The firm has full responsibility for the project, as they are responsible for both parties and provide expertise in both fields. The customer can be assured that the company will have extensive experience in how pricing, sequence, schedule, and construction go hand in hand.

5. A design and build company will provide consistency and continuity throughout the process that is often lost when two separate companies are used. There is a much smaller chance of things getting lost, as the same company is involved from A to Z, providing inherent efficiency. This has enormous cost and time saving potential for the customer.

Any client considering building their dream home should remember to do their research, read reviews, and shop around. However, they may find that the best home builders will also provide design services.

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