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Who doesn’t love spring when the longest days light up the sky, the birds sing with joy, and the trees begin to sprout shiny new leaves? Even here in the California desert where I live, wildflowers bloom, jacaranda trees explode with purple flowers, and cacti burst with brightly colored flowers.

Since a lack of sunlight during short winter days can negatively affect the mood of older adults, aren’t baby boomers ready to celebrate this spectacular time of year? I’ve listed six fun spring activities that baby boomers can enjoy weather permitting, regardless of their age.

Take a spring break

Who says college students are the only ones who can take spring break? Baby boomers get itchy too, and there are plenty of sunny places to visit. The US News list of the five cheapest destinations for Spring Break included Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, New Orleans, South Padre Island and Key West.

This is the perfect time to visit one of the National Parks before the summer crowds arrive. According to one study, baby boomers have seen more national parks than other generations, on average 14. But since there are 58 in the US, there is so much more to see!

Do you need to be closer to home? A weekend trip to a local beach or lake may be the ticket. Or just enjoy a Sunday walk on a road you’ve never taken before. Rent a convertible for more fun and make your way to a nearby town or park you’ve wanted to explore.

Plant a garden

One of my favorite activities is collecting seeds or plants at the garden center with my grandchildren and planting them when we get home.

The joy of walking outdoors, enjoying the beauty of greenery that glows in the sun, the sound of bees buzzing nearby, dropping an irresistible strawberry into your mouth, and then gathering delicious aromatic greens and herbs for a recipe: what better way to celebrate spring!

If you don’t have room for a garden, visit a farmers market.

Eat al fresco

Spring is finally here and we have that precious extra hour of daylight. Get out, have a picnic in the park or some other scenic area, and enjoy eating fresh food with a view.

Or just throw a bright and cheery tablecloth on your patio table, add some fresh cut flowers in soup cans painted in spring colors, and some floral napkins. Then enjoy a magical spring dinner with family or friends outside to welcome in the season.

Feeling lazy? Eat out at a local cafe. Or invite a few friends, take out your good china, and have a snack on your patio.

Bring the fresh air

Change the curtains with a sheer, wavy, or natural fabric. You may even want to paint a room in a vibrant spring color or breathe new life into old furniture with a fresh coat of white paint. If you are doing spring cleaning, be sure to wash the windows so you can enjoy the view outside.

Set up some planters and plant some bright spring herbs or flowers. Buy some eye-catching tulips or daffodils with their bright and cheerful colors or cut out some spring flowers and put them in your home.

Be sure to open the windows to hear a spring shower or just enjoy a gentle spring breeze. Take a few deep breaths to calm down and enjoy all that fresh air.

Play outdoors with your grandchildren

Oh the fun you can have with your grandchildren during the spring! Ride a bike, play tennis, or jump on a trampoline. Enjoy gardening or have a fancy picnic in the park.

Explore the neighborhood with a butterfly net in hand. Build a birdhouse together and attract wildlife that you can enjoy watching together.

Or introduce your grandchildren to some old-fashioned outdoor games like Kick-the-Can, Red Rover, Red Light-Green Light, or Duck-Duck-Goose. They will love it!

Go for a walk

This is a no-brainer, but put on your hiking boots, pack some water and snacks, and discover the great outdoors. We all know that baby boomers need to keep moving to stay healthy and this is a fun way to do it.

Not surprisingly, a new study shows that walking or hiking in nature can bring you inner peace, joy, and happiness. My husband and I have had many enjoyable afternoons trying out some local hiking trails. I highly recommend it!

If your health doesn’t allow for a brisk walk, take a gentle stroll along a deserted beach with your loved one or take a walk around the block. Just get out there and enjoy the sun!

These are just a few ideas, I’m sure you can come up with more. Regardless of what you choose to do, take off that winter coat as soon as the weather permits, grab a couple of scandals, and get out there and bask in the fleeting glory of spring.

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