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Patients suffering from bipolar disorder often wonder if their condition may be an obstacle to performing the Lap Band procedure. They are concerned that the drug may interfere with post-bariatric treatment and that mood swings (which characterize this medical condition) lower their chances of successful weight loss.

Well, they shouldn’t worry. Research showed that there were no significant differences between mentally ill patients and mentally healthy people with regard to their weight loss. These investigations were also confirmed by bariatric clinics.

Bipolar Disorder – Characteristics

It is a mental disorder with two main types of episodes that are very different from each other: the manic episode and the depressive episode. These episodes can manifest with abnormally high energy or depression and that is why they can strongly interfere with daily tasks. The first thing when treating a bipolar patient is to establish the medication that stabilizes the mood. Mood instability is the reason bipolar patients need to take their medications constantly.

How does bipolar disorder affect weight gain?

If left untreated, bipolar disorder can lead to changes in appetite and eating patterns. Also, these changes in appetite can cause weight fluctuations. There is also evidence showing a direct relationship between bipolar disorder medication and obesity.

Known mood stabilizers have several side effects that influence weight fluctuation. Lithium is believed to lead to hypothyroidism in about 30% of cases, which means that thyroid hormone production decreases and this is often associated with weight gain.

In addition to this, women who were prescribed its psychological treatment before the age of 20, valproic acid is associated with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), which is also related to an increase in body weight, as it causes an increase in appetite and consumption.

The gastric band and bipolar disorder

The adjustable gastric band will not influence the way the medications are absorbed, but it will help you cope with the increased appetite obtained due to the medication. What’s more, scientific studies conducted on weight loss surgery patients who also had mental disorders are very helpful in this area, as they show similar results with bariatric surgery patients who were psychologically healthy. Therefore, if your BMI tells you that you need surgery to lose weight, do not worry, lap banding is a restrictive procedure, it is a reversible surgery, minimally invasive and bipolar disorder is not an obstacle since you can with it lap banding Control your appetite changes.

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