Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

We all hate getting that notice in the mail that we have to act as a jury. There are things you can do to avoid having to serve on a jury. The most important thing to do is call every day to see if you need to come in to possibly serve. Getting out of jury duty is your ultimate goal, and following the proper procedure can help you achieve your goal. It can cost you a lot of money to miss work and sit in court to see if you will be called to serve on a jury. You may wonder ‘if I act like I’m crazy, maybe they’ll just let me go’. You can be sure that there is an easier way.

She received documents in the mail about joining a jury. Put your excuse in the appropriate section and make sure it is sent to the correct location in the court. It is important that you use the form they give you and make sure you complete it correctly. This will give you the best chance of not having to be on a jury. There are places on the form that will allow you to leave your excuse, but make sure you fill it out correctly or they may reject it.

One of the best excuses is that if you are over 70 years old you can be excused. You must show them your ID to prove your age, so make sure you have it on hand. You may be discharged from jury duty if you have children you must care for for special needs. If you are caring for an older person, you can also avoid having to serve on a jury.

If you have a business or your job requires you to be there because the business will struggle, you may be released from their service. Make sure you take the proper steps when trying to get out of jury duty because if you don’t, you may have to serve.

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