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On May 1 and 2, torrential rains caused severe flooding in the Nashville, Tennessee area. One business that was affected was the Gibson guitar plant. Gibson is a leader in the manufacture of musical instruments and music technology.

The lower levels of the plant were completely flooded. Many instruments of famous musical artists were destroyed. Some were salvaged by Gibsons guitar repair and restoration facilities. Thanks to the hard work of many people, the plant was overhauled and ready to start production again in July.

The company was founded in 1804 by Orville Gibson in Kalamazoo, Michigan, manufacturing mandolins. After Orvilles’ death in 1919, the company continued to make mandolins and archtop guitars. In 1935, he introduced the first electric guitar. In 1944, Gibson was bought by Chicago Musical Instruments, but the factory remained independent.

In 1952, designed by guitarist Les Paul, the first solid body was introduced. In 1969, it was bought by Norlin, Inc. Between 1974 and 1984, production moved to Nashville and the Michigan plant closed in 1984. This change caused many problems, including inexperienced southern employees and climate control due to the high humidity. The company was bought by private investors before these problems led to bankruptcy. With a new owner, the company has prospered and increased market share and sales to date.

Gibson is the largest manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars in the United States. In addition to Gibson, he markets his guitar under the Epiphone, Kramer, Valley Arts, Tobias, Steinberger and Kalamazoo brands, among others. He also makes pianos under the Baldwin brand. Through research and innovation, it remains one of the world’s leading guitar manufacturers.

In addition to Nashville, it has manufacturing plants in Memphis for semi-hollow and custom workshop instruments and in Bozeman, Montana, for acoustic instruments. His bluegrass, mandolin and banjo instruments are made at the “Gibson Showcase” at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville. The factory is open to the public and has a store that sells all Gibson products.

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