Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

TO Greypages directory is a phone book that differs from a standard phone book in that entries are listed by phone number rather than name. A gray page directory is also known as a reverse phone lookup directory, reverse phonebook, reverse lookup directory, reverse phone listing, reverse phonebook, crossover directory, and other similar close leads.

While you may easily find a free gray page directory containing landline numbers, you won’t be as lucky with cell phone numbers. This is because information regarding mobile phone owners cannot be found in the public domain, but is distributed in the databases of many mobile phone companies.

Experienced entrepreneurs detected the demand for gray page directories (re: cell phone numbers) and consequently various reverse phone lookup The companies sprang up in the US over the last decade or two. These companies have collected information on mobile phone number owners from various sources and offer online lookup services, for a price, of course. Many of these companies offer a basic search function to identify the name and address of a cell phone owner (or landline number, even those not listed) and complement this service by offering additional information such as verifications of criminal record, background check, details about neighbors, relative, etc. You get what you pay for, as always.

Some companies may offer free reverse cell phone lookup services, but you will find that such free services end with no other information than the name of the phone company and operator. You will then be invited to pay for any useful information.

Of course, gray page directories are used by the police, other law enforcement agencies, and emergency services, but their directories are off limits to the public.

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