Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

Pet games in general have gained a lot of momentum in the world of free online games. So much so, that online searches are no longer limited to just pet games. Interest in pet games has broadened to encompass individual topics such as dog games and horse games for children. Arcade websites all over the net feature these pet games in a category of their own, however, horse game themes for kids have gone so far as to deserve full websites dedicated to the flash game genre.

Within horse games for the children’s genre, some online horse game titles have managed to differentiate themselves from the rest due to the special interest they have aroused among their young audience. An example would be the children’s horse game “Lisa and Bandit”. As the title implies, this game is about a girl and her horse. The application begins with the two of them standing in the forest waiting for user intervention. Nice graphics and detailed animation give this game a realistic look. We need to emphasize the quality of the animation of this game; outperforms most other game titles in the industry.

The simple use of the controls and the rudimentary plot make this horse game for kids easy enough that almost anyone with the ability to click the space bar on the keyboard can play. The controls are limited to the right arrow key for movement and pressing the space bar each time an obstacle is approaching so that the horse, bandit, jumps on it. There are 9 levels in the game, which increase automatically as you progress or for longer periods of time. The jumping obstacles increase in size and frequency, although sometimes you won’t be able to tell if the obstacles are approaching faster or you are going faster. In the end, it will be more difficult to play and you will need sharp reflexes to press the space bar on your keyboard.

The first levels are really nice to play due to their low level of difficulty. It will take the player a while to get to level three. However, as I mentioned before, the real kick comes from the horse jumping animation provided by this game. Once the player hits the space bar to induce the horse to jump, you can’t help but be amazed as the horse gains momentum and leaps over the obstacle. I owe it to the developers of this app for a job well done. Interestingly, this game has no sponsor. With no splash screen or credits, the only hint from a sponsor is when the player presses the ‘back’ button after completing a game, resulting in a new window to play the game elsewhere.

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