Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

You can get free traffic to your website from your YouTube videos by optimizing your video content. This type of optimization (search engine optimization or SEO) is an important part of developing and marketing your online business.

Google bought YouTube because it recognizes the power of video as a search tool. Video search accounts for over 70% of all web traffic and this will only increase in the future.

So how can you maximize your video SEO to get more free traffic from your YouTube videos?

Why use video?

Google and the other search engines regularly rank content that contains video ahead of similar content without video.

It is much easier to establish a connection via video. People can hear your voice and see you speaking. Promoting products and services online can sometimes be more difficult than person-to-person sales. Video is a great way to establish that personal connection over the Internet.

YouTube description

On YouTube, your video description can be up to 5,000 characters. This means that you can add approximately 800 words of description to each video that you post on YouTube. When you add lots of relevant keywords and phrases to your video tags, titles, and any accompanying content, Google will pick it up and your content will rank higher.

Think of it this way. When you use as many characters as YouTube, and your competitors don’t, you develop a simple advantage that speaks the language that the YouTube search engine algorithm is looking for.

Social media backlinks

A backlink is simply a path that reveals where someone started before going to your website. Search engines respect social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. When you put videos on those sites and people click on your videos to go to your website, search engines see this and rank your website higher in search lists.

Get visitors to stay longer on your website

People stay on a web page longer when there are videos on that page. The amount of time someone stays on your website is an important measure in Google’s algorithm. The same goes for search engines like Bing and Yahoo! The longer you can get someone to stay on your website, the better you rank for search terms on that page.

Get more traffic from YouTube videos

Key Tools Limited is a YouTube keyword suggestion tool. Provide up to 750 keyword suggestions for free. The software uses YouTube’s autocomplete feature to show you suitable and frequently searched keywords about your niche or market.

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