Sun. Jan 16th, 2022

You’ve found yourself in this scenario where you feel like your man isn’t giving you the kind of attention you need or deserve. As surprising as it may sound, sometimes only paying in kind works. Here are some tips to ignore it without losing control over it.

Be conveniently available

Simply put, don’t take their calls all the time. Of course it is difficult for you to do that as a woman, most likely he will start chasing you when he discovers that you are not responding as you used to or as he expects you to.

Take their existence for granted

An eye for an eye is not what preachers preach, but if you do this and take it for granted for a moment, it could make him see the light of day and realize how you must have felt when he did the same to you. You risk making him angry, but it will also make him the center of attention and give himself a reality check on his own actions.

Make those last moments decisive

Don’t you think your man will be shocked and moved if you canceled a date at the last minute? You can bet it will be. After this, don’t bother giving him any reason to do so. Your man will surely care about your interest in him and will work harder for your attention in the future.

Someone else for a change

It is always a good idea to spend time with a friend or colleague instead of with him. Obviously, it will drive him crazy that you choose someone else instead of him. It can give you any reason to do so. This will also give life to your attention and time.

Calls aren’t always meant to be returned

Not calling him back after telling him would be a sure way to make him feel tiny. It will definitely hurt your ego. And if he confronts you about this, trivialize the issue, chances are he will make his point.

There are other men in the world

It is a small world and they are likely to see each other at a social event or something. In this scenario, there is nothing wrong with ignoring him and making him jealous by pretending to have interesting conversations with other men. Rest assured, he might start to feel crazy about you.

Silence silence

There is nothing wrong with being a little reserved and preventing him from knowing what is going on in your life. What you could achieve by doing this is that you will become a mysterious woman that he will want to unravel and will surely go crazy for you.

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