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Avoiding the dreaded hitting knockdown is something every baseball player wants to do. When the bumps stop falling, it can bring a lot of frustration. Take it from someone who also had a lot of depressions. I have had my share and have done my best to help advise many other players to get out of their troubles.

FirstLet’s take a look at some of the causes of recessions. SecondWe will turn to some depression remedies that can get us out of depression.

How did I sink? He was hitting so well last week.

Rac Slider, my former minor league manager that I played with for the Boston Red Sox used to say, Holty, it’s a round ball and a round bat. Rac means that two round objects are trying to square, which is not a very easy thing to do. Falls are going to happen because it is difficult to hit the square of the ball in the first place.

We will analyze four scenarios that cause depression, leaving aside the scenario I fall into, which is that I was probably not that good a hitter.

one. Thinking too much: Carl Yastrzemski, the Boston Red Sox HOF star, said that when he was doing his best, his mind was not aware of his body consciousness. In other words, your mind is free from any physical part of your body. You are not thinking about where your feet are stepping or what your hands are doing. Nothing, just complete freedom of mind. The baseball field looks like a big baseball that comes in so clearly.

During recessions, your mind can be cluttered with all kinds of junk. Garbage inside garbage outside. While you wait for the launch you start thinking things like, where is my elbow? Are my knees bent? Don’t forget to squash the bug. And wow, you have so much on your mind now that the launch coming at you looks like a little pea attacking you so fast you thought a bullet was going through.

This is why professional baseball coaches do little to no training when a batter is in the box. They know that the more you train, the more mental confusion you give the hitter. Youth coaches and spectators are often the opposite. They attack the batter before the pitch and after the pitch with various suggestions and reprimands that clutter the mind. His helpful intentions turn out to be quite damaging to the hitter’s mind that now nothing in the training instructions.

two. Are you a boy maybe? Professional hitters know they have to find the ball in front of the plate. To face it up front they have to be aggressive. Yes, they must also have a good eye. But, they have to have the mindset that they are going to swing on every pitch. If you let doubt creep into your mind and think, well, maybe I will move, let me take a look at the field first. So if it looks good, I’ll decide to swing.

This thought is likely to make your swing too late. Preventing you from finding the ball in front of the plate. You’ll hit a lot of lazy, routine grounders and fly balls or foul balls. And if you’re unlucky, these types of shots will mostly be easy outs.

3. Law of Averages: Baseball has a way of averaging over the course of a season. Sometimes falls are just a natural baseball progression that can be attributed to statistical averages. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.

Let’s say a batter gets ten hits in a twenty-at-bats streak. His average is 500 in these 20 at-bats. But he’s a career-high 300 hitter. Then at some point in the season, you’ll have to go through a stretch of at-bats to balance the average and get back down to 300. So, in your next 20 at-bats, you might only get three or four hits for maybe an average of 150.

Four. Flying open: Most hitters like to throw the ball. This is where most players show their greatest power. But, constantly pulling the ball can cause the front shoulder to open up too early. If you’re up against mediocre pitchers, you can probably keep hitting the ball successfully. But when you face the best pitchers, they will exploit your holes in your swing.

When the front shoulder is opened too early, you give a good pitcher too many openings to get you out. This can cause hitters to collapse. That’s why power hitters are sometimes low-average hitters. They can hit the inside field but they have a lot of holes in the outside half of the plate.

Hit the depression chasers

There is no single remedy to combat depression. Each player’s situation is unique. Here are some common tricks that suit most scenarios.

one. Try to keep your mind clear. The problem is that everyone will want to help. Dad will give you his two pennies when you get home after the game. Maybe mom too. Grandpa Bob, who used to play around a bit in his day, gives you his thoughts. You go to the batting cages and the batting instructor adds his recipes. You’re at the barbershop on Saturday morning and the barber gives you his fix.

Now the problem is getting worse. Your head is spinning. You start to push, to worry, to think about every piece of advice, and the fall is likely to get worse before it gets better. Too much mental clutter. All helpers unknowingly end up being part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

Conclusion: you cannot think and paste at the same time. You have to do whatever it takes to keep your mind clutter free. Kindly thank all your advisers. Now file all the tips before going into the dough box. Clear the board and start each at-bat with a clear and clear mind.

two. Be aggressive: Anticipate swinging the bat on every pitch. Hit the ball in front of the plate. Clean it up! Watch the swing on the pitch before you see it. Let it fly! Don’t let maybe make the thought seep into your little mind. He who doubts loses.

3. Hard in the middle: One of the greatest hitters of all time, Ted Williams gave great advice to our minor league players in spring training every year. Ted, who has probably never suffered many prolonged slumps, would advise that, when faced with any adversity, think in your mind … Hard in the middle. Whenever the back ground was difficult, the weather was bad, the opposing pitcher was really good, don’t count in your favor, referee with a large zone, the lights are bad or they collapsed … think about hitting the ball hard through the middle.

Why? Because this would probably help keep the shoulder shape open too soon. You can usually cover more of the strike zone. He will probably keep his head and eyes on the ball longer. And, most importantly, your mind is free of any other garbage thoughts that clutter it up.

Four. The best swing you have: One of my former coaches and later one of my training partners, Doug Camilli, who played several seasons in the Major Leagues, gave us some great advice to help keep your mind free during your at-bat. Douger would tell you to just take your best swing that day to the plate with you and follow it. In other words, don’t try to over-analyze your swing. Fix and touch up your swing during batting practice. When you enter the game, try to put your best swing on the fields.

These are suggested remedies to get out of a depression. Remember, there will be peaks and valleys as a baseball player. Always be humble because the hits are easy sometimes and the game will seem so easy. But, get arrogant and it will be more difficult to overcome the downtimes. That’s why the pros say baseball is played at Even Keel. Not too high, not too low … even keel.

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