Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Why is Joomla gaining popularity in the web development industry?

It has been over a decade when Joomla was introduced as an open source CMS framework in the IT industry to compete with various other CMS frameworks. Hopefully, this technology has captured the IT market with its features. Joomla has become the first choice of companies for a web content management system. Gradually, e-commerce companies also began to show their interest in the CMS platform, due to its attractive and highly profitable features that can benefit an online business with improved performance.

As you know, it is a content management system, so you can update, edit, add, delete and publish content on the website, developed on this technology, easily and quickly. Whether you have a blog, news portal, or ecommerce business, there are many benefits to choosing a Joomla website for your business. Let’s take a look at all of these benefits below:

Easy to understand and use: Joomla works well for all types of businesses. From an educational site to a business website, from a news website to an e-commerce website – Joomla can effectively manage web content. The developers create a very interactive user interface; one can easily understand it and access it more conveniently. Therefore, a non-technical person can also access the functionality efficiently on a Joomla website.

Economic: Joomla is an open source framework that makes it free to use. You can add customization at a very low cost, as some custom features are available as a template for free, while others are very affordable. The only money you will have to pay the IT company would be the development cost.

Effective in time: As mentioned above, there are several ready-to-use themes and templates that not only reduce development cost, but also reduce development phase time. Joomla has a large number of plugins and templates available that can be configured on any type of website, based on requirements, very easily. You do not need to write the code from scratch. Just add the correct plugin and template to add the desired functionality and theme. Later, you can ask the developer to modify it according to your requirements.

Quality solution: This frame has a good reputation in the market for its safety and stability. There is hardly any consequence when a Joomla website crashes or gets stuck. Security is always at the top of a Joomla website. One record for the security alert is sufficient to inform you that you are using the latest secure version. Thanks to the Joomla community, which has thousands of members to debug and tune the Joomla kernel to improve and improve quality.

If you are thinking of installing the third party app, make sure of the security. It could damage the database, if the application directly accesses the database of your web application.

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