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As the phenomenon of coating vehicles with Plasti Dip grows, more and more people are wondering what the average cost of dipping a car is. First, an explanation of how to “dip” a car with Plasti Dip is in order. Dip is a term coined by people coating / painting / wrapping their vehicle with a product known as Plasti Dip in its sprayable form. This rubber coating is sprayed on and acts like a second skin on your vehicle. Protects the original finish while offering the user a way to change and enhance color. With the right technique, the end result is very aesthetically pleasing. One of the main attractions of the product is its ability to be removed by peeling. A unique property allows the rubber to adhere strongly to the finish of the car and, with a certain procedure, the coating comes off. So much! Many people are completely submerging their cars.

If you plan to submerge a car yourself, the cost will be determined by the size of your vehicle, the spray gun you purchase (if you don’t already have one), and the type of finish you select. For example, a standard or matte finish will be cheaper than a finish that includes enhanced colors (with or without added pearls and metal flakes), a satin or high-gloss finish. Note that you can select from many types of pearls at different prices that can be added to the sauce. Masking material and masking tape, as well as a pre-dip cleaning solution, are items to consider in your budget.

Here is a rough guideline for the amount of product required for different sizes of vehicles:

Sub-compact – 2 gallons

Compact – 2-3 gallons

Medium size: 3-4 gallons

Full size: 4 gallons

SUV / Mini-Van – 4-5 gallons

Large SUV – 5-6 gallons

So if we take a mid-size vehicle and use 3 gallons of the economy basic color sprayable rubber coating at an average cost of $ 60.00 per gallon, the cost of the applied finish is about $ 180.00. Add the cost of a quality spray gun system ($ 160) and setup materials ($ 20.00- $ 30.00), you can calculate $ 360- $ 370 as a ballpark figure to do a basic job. Four gallons used would raise the price by approximately $ 60.00. The more product or coats applied to the vehicle, the easier it will be to peel it off.

If you are going to use a premium color, say, Flame Red, it will cost $ 10-12 more per gallon. Then on top of that, whether it’s a basic color or a premium color, if you want to add some extra layers with pearls or metal flakes to make your finish pop, you need to calculate the cost of the additive and the bath / shine you need. you are adding it to. Pearls can range from $ 10 to $ 35 for 25 grams, depending on the type. The additional gallons for use of the additive will also add additional expense to the project. Using high-gloss gallons for the mix can cost $ 80- $ 90 per gallon. You can use the high gloss without the additive which will result in a high gloss finish, while mixing with pearls will create a satin finish. You can see that the cost of submerging your car can go up substantially, depending on how elaborate you make your project. If you are a beginner, it may be wise to start by dipping a car with a basic color plan until you are a more experienced dipper.

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