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Ever wonder what options are available other than returning to the carrier’s store (AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, or T-Mobile) for an “exchange” or “refund”, when your newly purchased mobile device is damaged or malfunctioning? Not sure who to turn to when the mobile device you bought on eBay, online, or from friends starts acting strange? Where can you go when the screen on your 4 year old phone has cracked? Smartphone factory warranty information is often misunderstood; However, by learning the basics, such a policy can save you a lot of money when it comes to guaranteed repairs on broken iPhone or mobile phones.

The Basics of a Smartphone Factory Warranty Policy

Before you start, you should check the sections below to see if your broken cell phone is in or out of warranty. Defining what state your broken cell phone is in is critical as it will provide different services and eligibility.

Time frame:

Every mobile device you buy (including smartphones) has a manufacturer’s warranty that will specifically guarantee that the device will work as advertised. However, like any legal warranty clause, it is common to have an attached time frame for filing legitimate claims. Most OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) implement a 12-month warranty policy that has become an industry standard. For you, it means that at the time of purchase you must cover the first 12 months from the day the smartphone was purchased. For an exact time period, you can determine this by adding 365 days from the date indicated on your sales receipt. The original receipt should always be kept as proof of purchase. Do not rely solely on the store data or the barcodes on the packing boxes, as they are not proof. Detailed warranty brochures and brochures are normally available inside the packing box.

Nature of the malfunction:

An OEM warranty applies only to the parts and products it manufactured; No post-purchase add-ons or after-market parts are guaranteed. A factory will fulfill its obligation when a manufacturing defect has occurred in its product due to normal use. The following examples are malfunctions where warranty coverage will be recognized:

Susan’s new Motorola Droid X (just purchased) had a blank screen when Susan first turned on the smartphone and it persisted through subsequent power-ups.

4-month-old Ted’s Samsung Fascinate does not hear a voice from the speaker or a crackling sound during normal calls.

Pete’s 9-month-old Blackberry Bold has keyboard issues (letter “A” button not responding) when typing text or sending email.

When was your smartphone out of warranty?

A factory warranty policy will be voided when intentional damage is evident causing the defect or malfunction; as such these are “CID” cases – Customer Induced Damages. Manufacturers will NOT follow their policy for these damaged devices, because they were intentionally damaged. There are 3 typical factors to determine CID / phones not covered, these are: (1) Broken LCD or screen or evidence of liquid intrusion or water damaged cell phone, (2) Device bought and sold outside of your normal sales channel and (3) the expiration of a policy term based on the date of manufacture. The examples below are cases to demonstrate out-of-warranty facts:

Mary’s little girl was playing with her AT&T iPhone 4 when the device fell and produced a small crack on the LCD screen. As a result, Apple will not accept the free repair because it was an induced accident, as it requires Apple to be out of warranty.

A student spilled beer on his T-Mobile HD2 during last night’s prom, shorting his device so it couldn’t turn on. The device’s LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator **) was also activated. As a result, HTC will not accept the free repair because it was an induced accident.

Katie wanted to file complaints about the VerizonSnap malfunction after 16 months from the initial purchase date; therefore, the warranty will not cover it as it exceeded the 12 month OEM warranty. As a result, HTC will not accept the free repair because it has exceeded the effective term of coverage.

Corey, a “tech nerd,” installed a custom O / S on his smartphone for modifications and caused certain functions to fail when unlocking his iPhone.

Susan purchased a good Sprint Epic 4G from E-bay and demanded service, but it was declined because the limited warranty extends only to the original owner, not subsequent purchasers or third parties. Only a certified used phone from the carrier (ie Sprint stores) will have a 90-day warranty coverage as a used product from a suitable sales channel. Any phone purchased on the aftermarket or any other unauthorized distribution / reseller will not enjoy the benefits of the factory warranty.

* * LDI = The Liquid Damage Indicator is a small piece of litmus paper placed in certain locations on a mobile device to indicate the presence of water intrusions. The paper will turn pink in the event of excessive contact with moisture and will alert examiners to past liquid damage.

Solutions for phones needing out-of-warranty replacement and repair

Instead of storing your phone in your desk drawer or throwing it away, what are your options after determining that your broken or damaged phone is out of range?

(1) Request repair service at OEM / factory repair sites and they will provide you with original parts and guaranteed workmanship, however they are generally associated with higher repair costs. It is common for LCD replacements to cost more than $ 150. You can contact the factory information below:

Apple Out of Warranty Program – 1.800.694.7466

HTC out of warranty program – 1.888.617.1113

Blackberry out of warranty program – 1.800.331.0500

LG out of warranty program – 1.800.243.0000

Samsung Out of Warranty Program – 1.800.726.7864

Motorola Out of Warranty Program – 1.800.653.5350

Nokia Out of Warranty Program – 1.888.665.4228

Sony Ericsson out of warranty program – 1.866.766.9374

(2) Obtain service at a local street level cell phone repair shop. You can find them in your yellow pages. Although they offer inexpensive repair solutions, the workmanship and quality of parts vary widely.

(3) You can claim mobile phone insurance, if you opted for this extra option with your monthly billing contract. Such an insurance policy can cover your lost or damaged phone (s) by paying a deductible. They are generally provided through carriers for a monthly fee of $ 7-15 over the phone; depend on your make and model. However, you must have an active policy when an accident occurs and numerous claims within short periods of time can cause you to be blacklisted. The insurance company will send you a refurbished replacement phone.

(4) Selling as a scrap item on eBay, however you must have a working eBay account and all the steps required to run an auction for shipping and handling.

5) You can sell to for the quickest and easiest solution. Our web tool will assess the value of your phone and provide you with FREE shipping. We will issue you a check within 7 business days of receipt. It is the easiest method to recycle your unjustified broken phone. Tell your friends and family about our service and click here to start your phone money process.

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