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The kitchen is a multipurpose room and the lighting must be, first of all, functional but also decorative. Functional lighting helps the cook see what he is doing when preparing food and helps keep those fingers off the edge of the knife. Kitchen lighting has come a long way and should also provide a mood in the kitchen as these days the kitchen is used by the whole family and often ends up as the area where you chat after a long day. of work.

There are a few types of lighting to consider for a kitchen mentioned here in no particular order of preference. Central lighting of which the fluorescent luminaire is the most popular due to the amount of light that is omitted and the ease of keeping the luminaire clean, including lighters that can be placed and angled to create a wide light with the added benefit to create atmosphere especially when used in conjunction with a dimmer switch. The advantage of a single light fixture is the ease of cleaning the fixture, but the downside to a single center fixture is that it will cast a shadow over your work as the light source will be behind you in most applications. This can be remedied by placing lighters over the work area or at an angle to the work area.

Track lighting is also a very popular choice due to the versatility of the lighting, as it can be moved and directed in various positions to create different focus points similar to spinning head lighters. Installing track lighting is relatively easy and typically does not involve high installation costs. The track consists of a flexible cable that is strong and durable and can be routed at many angles even though it cannot be bent. It can be installed in rooms or from room to room through ceilings and at various heights. It can also be installed vertically on pillars or walls or on stairs. Light fixtures are placed where you want them anywhere on the track where they are needed to illuminate a work surface in the form of a spot or pendant light above your breakfast area. If you have an open-plan kitchen, you may want to combine the floor lamp in the adjacent area with your kitchen fixture.

Undercounter lighting is also a very popular ad in the lighting option that has the added bonus that you can turn off the main center fixture to create ambience by leaving the undercounter lighting on. This is especially useful when the kitchen is an area where you, as a family, like to entertain yourself or just sit down and have a nice chat after a hard day at work. There are mainly two types of undercounter lighting options, one of which is fluorescent light, which provides a wide light group and is perfect for use as a work area light source. The second option is the downlighter that will provide you with a warm ambient light depending on the balloon you use. A warm white balloon creates a warm yellowish light and the cool white option provides a pool of cool light. Do not use recessed illuminators under a closet where perishable items are stored as recessed illuminators generate a lot of heat that can damage the items.

Cabinet lighting inside or out is another option when designing your kitchen lighting needs. Track lighting is very useful when choosing to light cabinets from the outside as it can be moved and directed as you may want to do this when you open the door and can see the contents. It is important to remember that the larger the cabinets and the higher the ceiling, the further the lights should be. To create light within a cabinet to display glasses, ornaments, sculpture, or tableware, place the downlights inside and at the front of the cabinet and not in the middle or back of the cabinet, as it will create shadows. The smaller sized downlighters are perfect for this type of application.

Lastly, when it comes to lighting your pantry or sink, you need to make sure to use bright but not too strong light due to the functionality of pantries and sinks. The suggestion is to consider using spotlights, as the lights can be directed exactly where they need to be. All of these options are available not only in retail outlets, but also in online stores, sometimes at much lower prices for the exact same product.

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