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In Part 1 of this article series, we talked about what social media sites are and how they can be used together to drive traffic, get links, and build your list. But we don’t go into details … so we’ll pick up where we left off and discuss your social media marketing strategy.

1) Register and start networking as soon as possible.

Social networking sites are, by definition, places where you mingle, socialize, and get in touch with like-minded people. That means you can’t have a one-way conversation where you “lecture” your prospects and engage in activities that will directly benefit you.

As such, that means you need to start networking and participating in these sites before you start doing the things that directly benefit you. For example:

* Comment and rate videos on video sharing sites like YouTube before you start posting your own videos.

* Comment and rate other people’s content before you start flagging your own content on Digg, StumbleUpon, ReddIt, and the like.

* Comment and rate other people’s content while creating your own Squidoo Lens or HubPages.

If you become a part of the community first, you can quickly build a good reputation. This makes you more authoritative and influential when you start submitting and flagging your own content. And that means more traffic, fast.

2) Start sharing quality content

Once you’ve helped other members and contributed to the community, it’s time to start contributing your own quality content. That means you can share videos, bookmark your pages, and create your content sites. You can also blog on these sites, start niche groups, and the like.

3) Network with other like-minded people

You may find a lot of prospects on these social media sites, so you should work to include people on your mailing list. But don’t forget that you can also find potential joint venture partners on these sites, so network accordingly.

4) Commit to doing something every day

Finally, you need to commit to doing a social media marketing activity every day. For example, upload a new video, create a new Squidoo page, or answer five questions on Yahoo! Answers.

The reason for this consistency is that the more you do, the more traffic you get and the faster you build your list. See, you can’t just “do” social marketing for one day and hope it pays off for months. But you can do just a little bit every day and see how it pays you handsomely every day.

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