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Digging is something puppies love to do, it is essential for them. Digging can be frustrating if you don’t give your pup an area to himself as he will dig holes in your yard. If you keep it inside, you may try digging in the floor, on the couch, or on the bed. Digging is in their nature and you should never punish your pup for digging.

So how do you stop digging puppies? My top 5 tips

The first thing I would suggest is to find a place in the garden where your pup can dig.

The best option is to buy a litter box and fill it with dirt or sand. Next, bury some treats and toys inside so your pup can dig them up. Once you learn that this is your special place to dig, you will more than likely go to this area when you feel the urge to dig.

When you create a special place for your pup to dig, you need to keep the “excitement” for him. Remember to bury a treat or toy so you always have something to find. Puppies get bored after digging in the same spot for a while, so you may decide that somewhere in another part of your yard looks better. Also, you should fill in the sand or dirt in your special area from time to time.

When he’s older, you could try obedience training classes to help him control his digging habits.

Option 2 How to stop puppy digging

When gardening, you can use a sprinkler, squirt gun, or spray bottle. When your pup begins to dig into the loose soil, spray it with the water.

Once you’ve sprayed him, hide the hose, squirt gun, or spray bottle behind your back and he’ll think the garden is doing it to him, not you, so he’s less likely to dig when you’re not around .

Option 3 How to stop puppy digging

If you have a flowerbed that you don’t want your pup to go near, use a mixture of chili powder and water around the plants. Use this mixture to water your plants, your lab pup will not like the smell and will start to avoid the area.

If you’re still digging in that area, try using dried red pepper instead of another scent that puppies don’t like.

Option 4 How to stop puppy digging

Put a surprise in the hole your puppy has dug. Many puppies start out in a hole, leave it for a while, and then come back later to continue digging. When your pup digs again, the balloon will explode and he won’t like the noise.

Puppies like ‘clean’ dirt so when digging you can also fill the holes with dead leaves, rocks, mulch, sticks, and other undesirable puppy stuff in the hole and then cover it with a thin layer of Earth. ; Chances are, when your lab pup starts digging again and finds those things in his hole, he’ll stop.

If that doesn’t work then go out and buy Bitter Apple Spray, this is also great to stop chewing puppies. As you fill in the hole, mist the soil with the bitter apple spray, or you can use the chili powder and water, your pup will hate the smell and should stop digging in that hole.

One last option to refill the holes and one that you would have to be very desperate to use is when you find your pups digging holes, place their poop inside the hole. Your pup will hate digging in his own poop and will choose another area. Keep putting your poop in every hole you dig and you’ll soon associate digging with disgusting.

Option 5 How to stop puppy digging

As soon as you catch your pup digging, make a loud noise by dropping pennies into a can and shake it well to get your dog’s attention. Give him a call and play a game that will take his mind off digging.

Don’t make the mistake of punishing your puppy after he has dug a hole. You have to catch him in the act, or he won’t understand why you are so upset. Your puppy lives in the present, and the fact that he dug a hole in your yard yesterday means nothing to him.

If you want good results, you must be consistent. Don’t let him get away for a week and you’ll wonder why your lab pup is still digging up everything in the garden.

Good luck and have fun in the garden.

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