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Partnering with a video production company in your marketing campaign will help you harness the growing power of visual content. While video production is undoubtedly one of the best places to invest, the competition is very tough and this presents a challenge especially for small businesses. As an entrepreneur, you need to think outside the box about your growth strategy.

Using video as a tool is one of the best techniques you can use today to stay ahead of the game. There are many other types of promotional materials to choose from, but the visuals clearly offer a competitive advantage. The shift from printed content to images is inevitable and if you want to grow your business, it’s time for you to learn more about this innovative marketing tool.

Importance of video production services

Imagine this; Businesses that invested in this promotional tool saw revenue growth 49% faster, according to a recent Aberdeen survey. A similar study published in Forbes projects that 81% of all web traffic for 2019 will be in this format. The same report says that incorporating visual content into a marketing email will increase the click-through rate by 200-300%. On a landing page, increase conversion rates by 80%.

There are still more statistics showing why this is the most powerful technique for brands that want to stay ahead of the competition. These numbers also indicate that working with video production companies it will boost the performance of the company in question. The fact that 64% of customers say they are more likely to buy a product if they see a promotional ad is reason enough to partner with the best video production company.

A survey by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) shows that these tools are more popular than other forms of communication, including infographics, online presentations, mobile apps, research reports, white papers, and email blogs, among others. There is no denying that video is taking marketing by storm and as a business owner this is a must-have technique in your marketing strategy.

How did this happen? Have a look:

  1. Ease of Production – High quality productions are easy to produce especially when working with one of the best equipment in the industry. High-performance production and story ideas can be easily gleaned from your employees, clients, and other videos viewed online.
  2. Affordability – Compared to running print campaigns, this is a more affordable option that gives you back important marketing data. You can use the resources available in your company, including personnel, accessories, and location.
  3. Versatility – Whether you want to launch a product, explain how it works, promote your brand, educate your customers, or entertain, visual content can do all of this with ease. You can even achieve multiple goals with a single production. This is one of the things that has become the most popular promotional technique today.
  4. Sharing: if what you are looking for is brand awareness and visibility, there is no better tool than this. Different studies indicate that most viewers share what they see and, in fact, images are the most popular on social media platforms.

Professionally created branded visual content is powerful, versatile, and highly effective as a business tool.

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