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A family reunion is a wonderful opportunity to get together not only with your immediate family, but also with your extended family like uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, and many others.

Some people choose to hold their meetings close to home. However, this can be difficult if your family spans multiple states, provinces, or countries. In that case, people will generally choose a place to meet that is central, beautiful, and suitable for large groups.

Planning a family reunion is a lot of work. The ability to effectively manage all the details is something that not everyone has. After all, it’s one thing to be able to book hotel rooms and make reservations for meals. But it is another thing to have to think of activities for the family to participate, as well as to take into account the special needs of all.

A great way to liven up a family reunion celebration is with one or more well-chosen gift baskets. Here are 5 gift basket ideas for family reunions:

1. Handbag with golf cart:

This tote bag looks like a miniature golf cart and is sure to please the golfers in the family. Made from cardboard, the cart is packed with tons of gourmet goodies and snacks. Whether or not the family plans to play golf during the gathering is beside the point: this golf cart tote bag will liven up any gathering, indoors or outdoors.

2. Collection of snacks for soccer fans:

It may not be golf, but soccer is his thing. If so, consider the soccer fan snack collection. If the guys at the gathering plan to get together to play softball, tennis, soccer, or just to watch the same thing on TV, they will really love the opportunity to snack from this collection. Contains 5 pounds of foods like nuts, popcorn, and cheese. Delicious!

3. Playtime gift set for teens and tweens:

Teens and tweens will find ways to pass the time during the meeting. Undoubtedly, there will be times that will drag on a bit, when no particular activity is planned for those in this age group. This would be an ideal time to bring out the playtime gift set. It’s packed with tons of not just games, but delicious snacks as well. No kid will complain of being bored once you blow this up.

4. Gift basket with creative activities for children and snacks:

For the slightly younger group of kids at the gathering, a creative kids activity and a snack basket will be just what they need to stay active. With a crayon theme, the number of great treats, both activity-related and snack-related, will be warmly welcomed by all.

5. Fun in the sun activity game for children:

A great gift to take to a beach or park, the Sun Fun Kids Activity Set will tickle your fun bone with sand shovels, jump ropes, sidewalk chalk, bubbles and more. And the snacks inside will give them more energy to burn!

Consider these 5 ideas as you search for gift baskets for family reunions that the whole clan will enjoy.

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