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Planning is a small word that involves big thinking and brainstorming. Follow me as we develop together our thoughts that will unfold in each of these articles to make our little house live its best because we planned it to fit our style.

To get started, take a look at many of the details that cannot be forgotten as this project unfolds. Below is a list of the first items to consider and to help you plan for the future. In the meantime, printing out this list is a tool to help you as you work. If you have experience using an Excel program, you can create a couple of columns; one to have your description and the second to have your cost estimate for each item. Another quick and easy way is to prepare it using a normal paper notebook. So go ahead and get ready to plan with this first part of organizing your ideas and putting them into practice.

Identify your needs

Have you chosen a land, a city, a state for your little house?

Sketch your “would like to have” floor plan or visit pre-fab buildings to imagine yourself living inside.

Start searching online for approximate appliance prices to actually budget

a refrigerator

b) Stove with or without oven

c) Microwave

d) Odorless (compost, dry water, traditional)

e) Shower or bathtub

g) Kitchen and bathroom sink

h) Source of energy, electric, gas or solar

I) Lighting – interior and exterior

Look at the prices of the necessary furniture, pretend you are already living there.

a) Love seat, sofa or futon with storage drawers underneath

b) Side table with storage

c) Ottoman with storage

e) Folding bed, sideboard with bed, custom bed that slides under raised kitchen floor

g) Floating desk, corner desk, drop-leaf table, folding table

h) Coffee table with storage

h) Storage trunks

I) Folding chairs

j) Storage of slippers or bins

Once you’ve determined the size of your small home, look up the prices for the materials needed to build if you’ve decided to build.

a trailer

b) Windows

c) Wood, Ceilings

d) Plumbing

e) Electrical outlets

f) A / C

g) Heating

h) Plans

I) Builders

j) State laws

k) Flood zone?

Whether you are building or buying an existing tiny home, what is your budget limit?

a) Funds to be used from your payroll income?

b) Retirement funds?

c) Savings?

d) Inheritance?

e) Dirty real estate?

We have a lot on our hands to work on and we are confident that this guide has piqued enough interest to get you started in the life of your little home. The next article will cover many items related to access to the land or lot that you have in mind.

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