Fri. Jan 28th, 2022

Staying in shape and improving the shape of your body has become a kind of competition between certain segments of the population. This has led to a demand for many wonderful types of fitness and body development equipment with some emphasis on less stress and time required to exercise.

With an innovative design and relatively relaxed operation, you can now begin to improve your physique with some significant “abs” using the Ab Rocket Twister. Various indications show that this equipment, through the simple process of rocking back and forth, will make your abs, reverse crunches and oblique exercises and others less strenuous. You are offered a variety of options including twisting and turning your lower back, all designed to maximize your workout. With three different resistance springs to choose from, you can control the degree of tension to suit your particular ability. Prevention of neck and back pain is provided by cushioning support and massage using rollers during the exercise process.

To assist all Ab Rocket Twister users, especially those who are new to this type of equipment, a DVD is provided with each unit. It adapts to any level of experience, from beginner to advanced, with the ease for the user to adjust the strenuous levels with the use of tension cables. Providers have noted that a healthy diet must be combined with healthy exercise. To facilitate and ensure maximum benefit, a designed meal planner and recipe book are part of the package when you purchase this kit.

Getting the most “abs” improvement in the shortest time is the goal of most body and fitness builders. This ambition is accomplished by simply sitting and rocking, without pain or stress, with the added benefit of the “twister” function, which gives the obliques their own designed workout. However, to ensure proper operation and obtain the best results, it is always advisable to follow the specified routines. They have been designed to produce maximum effect through proper use of the equipment. The ease of use provides an incentive to use this equipment on a regular and planned basis, which is a critical part of your body’s development.

The rocking motion and twisting from side to side is a method designed to exercise the abdominal and core muscles, tone the “love handles” and strengthen the “obliques.” The provided soft rollers are designed to massage your back while you exercise, which could be a relief in any long exercise session. The Rocket Twister should be worn on a daily basis as it is a relaxed way to get in the shape you want. In most prosperous parts of the world, the problem of obesity and the diseases associated with it are emphasized today. This type of equipment should not only be used for cosmetic reasons, but also as safe for the health of your body.

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