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Lee Jesberger is a general contractor. For most people, 30 years of running a General Contract business is enough, but obviously this man doesn’t need to sleep. In addition to his recruiting business, he is a master carpenter, writer, webmaster, instructor, and inventor of the Ezee-Feed Infeed / Outfeed system.

Lee runs a hiring business specializing in high-end renovations in Sewell, NJ, with his partner in crime, Bruce Driscoll. This dynamic duo is Batman and Robin from the world of fine furniture / cabinet making. I’ve posted some of his projects below, but you should see more on his website.

Lee’s typical day begins at the workplace where he calls himself a furniture / furniture maker. This is an understatement. What he creates are works of art.

Then he comes home and works in his backyard store. Not a simple shed, this “men’s cabin” has (almost) all the professional toys the wonder boy could wish for. Later in his evening, he writes how-to articles and posts projects on his website. Some time later, perhaps after a midnight coffee break, he works on his side business – the Ezee-Feed feed system.

The Ezee-Feed feed / outlet system was created as a result of a need in a major renovation project. Tired of the hassle of using a wheeled stand, Lee created his own workshop device that provides the same precision and ease of use as a sliding table saw, BUT at a fraction of the price. It is designed to allow one person to easily cut / tear sheets and rough wood to measurements less than 1/32 thick. This device reduces your physical effort, while doubling your productivity safely and accurately. See the Ezee-Feed in action; go here now:

Lee and Bruce embarked on various woodworking programs to promote the Ezee-Feed product. Two somewhat shy guys, posing as marketers, initially felt like bad used car salesmen. That was until people started talking to them and realized that they were actually experienced professional furniture / cabinet makers. Lee and Bruce began talking about their projects and jobs, and the carpenters began asking them questions. The result of those Woodworking Show inquiries is the website This free resource for carpenters is packed with information such as a glossary of woodworking terms, free woodworking plans and tips, and cabinet door construction instructions. Lee also regularly participates in a carpenters forum called

What does Lee find most satisfying? Working with the client to give them the final product they want. It’s that “Wow” factor that inspires him to constantly improve his craft. He appreciates the beauty, grace, and concern for proportion that 18th century American furniture makers adhered to. “And they accomplished all of this with primitive tools compared to what we use now,” says Lee. “Being a contractor is like being a conductor. You have to put the entire project together within time and budget constraints. It is often a frustrating job, especially if you end up working with people who are not particularly competent, but the end result and customer satisfaction makes it worthwhile, “says Lee.

Lee’s top ten tools list:

1. Delta Unisaw

2. Jet cross cutting table

3. Ezee-Feed feed / outlet system

4.20 “floating Powermatic

5.18 “Jet Band Saw

6. Inline Lawn Boring Machine for Adjustable Shelving

7. Blum hinge machine: cuts three holes for European style hinges

8. Ashley Isles Carving Tools

9. Japanese wood chisels – far superior to western chisels, laminated plates, amazing tools to work with, some are truly works of art.

10. Carpenter Delta 8 “

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