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If you are an attorney, paralegal, paralegal, legal secretary, or other legal professional looking for a legal job, you may be comforted to know that while the overall legal job market remains flat, there are few bright spots out there.

Despite a challenging economic climate, a recent Robert Half Legal survey of attorneys revealed that approximately one-third of law firms intend to add staff in the third quarter of 2011.

“While the job market remains competitive, 51 percent of attorneys report difficulties hiring trained legal professionals. When asked what kinds of positions will be added in the third quarter, respondents indicated that they will likely hire attorneys (93 percent). percent), followed by legal secretaries / assistants (32 percent), paralegals (20 percent), paralegals (19 percent), and legal administrators (12 percent). Law firms are rebuilding their support teams and they are hiring experienced paralegals and paralegals who can add appraisal and perform multiple job functions, “said Volkert. “The most marketable support professionals have experience in litigation and electronic discovery, as well as experience in document management,” he said. – “More than a third of attorneys plan to hire in the third quarter” by Robert Half Legal. Robert Half Legal Index,

Let’s take a brief look at where the legal vacancies are:

Side mates

As always, side partners will travel with a substantial portable business book. Despite constant demand, these partners were reluctant to jump ship in light of the economic turmoil. However, it appears that the lateral partner movement is increasing as partners are more willing to explore a shift to smaller boutique practices. Also, of course, they continue to dance with other AMLAW 250 signatures.

Intellectual Property / Patent

Corporations continually seek to value and defend their intellectual property assets, and patent prosecution is on the rise. Therefore, intellectual property litigation and patent prosecution is an area where there is demand for the best legal talents. Associates with three or more years of experience and experienced support staff from time to time can expect to do well.

Commercial litigation:

When times are good, litigation is strong; And when times are bad people still sue each other. Recent surveys suggest that the filing of lawsuits is increasing, creating a constant need for experienced business litigation personnel.

Bankruptcy / Foreclosure Defense:

Judging from the lagging economy, there doesn’t seem to be an imminent end in sight for this hot practice area. A second wave of foreclosure filings is forecast to begin during the latter part of 2011 and run through 2012. As unemployment rates remain high, businesses struggle, and savings dry up, rest assured that bankruptcy It will remain a busy practice area for quite some time. hour.

Environmental / regulatory law:

increased awareness of environmental concerns is leading to increased regulations on environmental initiatives. Attorneys, especially those with environmental / scientific expertise, will be requested to properly advise clients on how to “go green” in a compliant manner. There has been and will continue to be a movement among large companies to establish specific green practice departments.

Electronic discovery practice:

It’s hard to believe how fast and deep the discovery has become in recent years. Consequently, e-discovery attorneys and associated litigation support professionals are in demand to identify, review, and produce e-discovery. This area of ​​practice is likely to only increase over time and those with the technical knowledge can look forward to a lucrative career.

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