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As a merchant or business owner, ask yourself the following questions. How would you feel about an $ 80 sale from a random customer? You’ll feel pretty good, right? Well, how about $ 10 in sales revenue a week for the next eight weeks from a known customer?

I hope you have chosen the latter of the two. It is in this frame of mind that you should seriously consider the content of this article. Making money on eBay can be somewhat disconcerting (only if you allow it). But when you put a residual concept into play, your earnings reach a new level.

Many eBay sellers are targeting the sale for the first time. There is no crime in that, however, it is all those subsequent sales that bring the real success. Your earning potential becomes even more powerful when a single person generates those repeat sales. So how do you prepare for that? Just keeping track of your customers.

Why keep track of eBay customers?

The ability to manage and keep track of your customer information is really vital in many industries. Once your customer’s contact information is captured, the door opens to many benefits. Suddenly you can inform them of promotions on the horizon. You can send them coupons and notify them of business-related changes. You can even educate your clients on the items you stock or DIY projects related to a niche. When making money on eBay, proper follow-up could make or break your bottom line.

What is the best form of follow-up?

At the beginning of your eBay selling business, time is not a big issue. As your business grows, time will be of the essence. You have to worry about photography; listing, customer service, and maybe even wholesale correspondence. When business gets this good, an answering machine does wonders for your sanity.

An autoresponder system keeps track of your customers and allows you to communicate with all of them at the touch of a button. There are many systems on the market, but Aweber can be said to be the leading provider. Aweber also has an application that you can sync with your eBay account. By linking them, you can create huge contact lists.

Every time you sell an item, Aweber will automatically send an email to your customer giving them the option to subscribe to your newsletter. Once your customer does, they essentially grant you permission to contact them.

With Aweber autoresponder, you can even segment your subscribers into groups. When making money on eBay, this feature is especially beneficial because no two customers are the same. Consider this hypothetical scenario:

Let’s say your niche is in the toy market and you just sold a Transformers action figure. In Aweber you can create a segment and call it ‘Transformers Fans’. Two weeks later, you decide to create a newsletter informing others about the toy recall.

Well, you wouldn’t necessarily send that letter to all of your clients. You can choose to send it only to your segment created for Transformers fans. The more specific your correspondence, the better. Your post-segment newsletters might even be geared toward selling other Transformers-related items.

More than it seems.

Sure you can settle for that one-time sale, but your goal is to create a steady cash flow, that way you can afford to run your business. Cash flow is king! Your eBay account does not come with Aweber, but it is a great tool to have.

You can test the system for 30 days here. Don’t let anyone tell you that making money on eBay is complicated. With the right tools and training, one can easily turn it into a reliable supplemental income.

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