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Male chastity training can seem absolutely frustrating at first and you may be wondering what convinced you to do this.

Don’t worry, we all go through that. It is not easy to learn to control your orgasm and sometimes it is even more difficult to be denied the pleasure of being able to cum. And for us women, it can be even more difficult to “enforce” the rules you have asked us to make.

Even so, if you have decided to practice male chastity, then should I already know it won’t be easy.

There are techniques and workouts involved that you must adhere to, if you want to get the most out of it and get the most out of it.

The first and most important thing to remember is that you should always proceed slowly. You can’t just think that you will lock yourself in a chastity device and then forget about it for a year or two.

So get comfortable in orgasm denial. Go a few days in a chastity device and adjust to the feel of it.

Also, you have to mentally adjust to not being able to come. Perhaps you are used to masturbating or having sex with your Beloved every night and now all of a sudden you are not allowed to come.

It is important to realize that all your fantasies about male chastity and orgasm denial over these many years have probably always culminated in your masturbation to orgasm. And that will simply NOT be allowed anymore.

That is a big change. So relax into this slowly and give yourself and your Beloved time to adjust.

Then choose the appropriate device. If you have a chastity device that you can’t bear to be in, get another one. Not all are made equal, so don’t expect them to be one-size-fits-all in the comfort zone. Make sure yours is well worn and comfortable. Yes, this can get expensive, but you tend to get what you pay for and once you get the right device … well then a real treat awaits you. Just remember the old saying … be careful what you wish for.

Now, give your key to your loved one.

Because your first act of training is confidence. You and your partner must trust each other to build your relationship and embrace male chastity to the fullest. You are not only practicing confidence, you are also training yourself to be a better partner for her.

You want to be sensitive to their needs and desires, as well as rebuild the emotional bond that you had.

So hand over your key with confidence.

Also, learn to please her. Chances are your partner is also new to male chastity and doesn’t know what to expect from all of this, so let her know that you want to be a better man for her.

Talk to her in a non-sexual environment. Know what she needs from you. It could be anything from helping around the house, to being more emotionally available, to better foreplay in the bedroom.

All she needs is what you want to provide. Let her train you by telling you and you practice showing her that you are capable, willing, and genuinely wanting to be all of those things for her.

Finally, learn that mistakes really are okay.

If you and your loved one are caught in the moment and the chastity device turns off for fantastic lovemaking, that’s fine.

This happens to all of us, especially in the beginning. You just have to be more resolute later and not give in to your temptations so easily. Train yourself just to want to please her. Let me show you how to do that.

And the best training obviously starts where it started now: by informing yourself.

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