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We must know and understand why we are here in these lower worlds where we currently live. The purpose of the creation of the lower worlds is for all Souls to descend downward from the upper True Worlds of God. In the lower worlds we are governed by Matter, Energy, Space and Time. These are also worlds of opposites, good and evil, love and hate, darkness and light.

The soul is our eternal true divine being, created from the essence of God. The lower worlds were created only for the training of the Soul to mature spiritually. In these lower worlds of duality, the energetic forces are too harsh for the Soul to exist. Therefore, the soul takes the lower part of its body to serve and house the soul during each life. Without soul and spirit, our bodies would have no life. Souls must mature spiritually. After many lifetimes, Soul will gradually begin to gain spiritual maturity from his experiences.

These lower worlds of Matter, Energy, Space, Time and Reincarnation are an illusion. These illusions come in many subtle ways. They become a trap that keeps the Soul reincarnating for countless lifetimes and interferes with the spiritual growth of Souls.

During Souls’ long journey reincarnating, Soul matures slowly. In maturity, spiritual advancement occurs after eons of training and living in human consciousness. We then awaken to our true divine selves. This awakening generates a desire for true spiritual truth.

All souls have a spiritual destiny which is to free themselves from these lower worlds. Then, the souls can return to their true home in the worlds of pure God. The Worlds of Pure True God are beyond these lower worlds of Time, Matter, Space, Negativity and Opposites. In these pure and true worlds of God, the Soul has a sight of three hundred and sixty degrees. The Soul is then in the state of Knowing, Seeing and Being. It has total love, freedom, wisdom and power in the Worlds of God. The soul is free from birth and death. The first state that the Soul reaches in these pure worlds is the Soul plane. Here the soul realizes its true individualized self. These Worlds of God are infinite. We continue to develop spiritually toward our goal of becoming God-Realization. The soul then has a direct personal experience with God and gains Total Consciousness. The true mission of the soul is to become an eternal co-worker with God.

Our relationship with God and knowing our true self has been a dilemma throughout the centuries. Many religious teachings have tried to give their followers comfort and confidence about life after death. The Bible is one of the main sources from which you receive your faith in God. Reading books, praying, meditating and worshiping will never liberate the Soul in the Pure God Worlds. Without the Living Master who has the power to link the Soul with the Audible Life Stream, the Soul will remain in these lower worlds indefinitely until the day it awakens and finds the Living Master. The Master will release you to your true home in the Pure God Worlds. Without the link to the Audible Life Stream, the returning wave that carries the Soul back to the True God Worlds, the Soul will continue on the wheel of birth and death. Furthermore, the lower forces exert a pull on the Soul downwards in the lower worlds preventing it from ascending to the higher worlds of God. Each heaven in these lower worlds has a spirit being in charge. Souls worship them as gods. Therefore, souls upon entering heaven will spend time there and with their spirit guide to prepare for the next physical life. This process of birth and death is governed by the law of reincarnation. Many believe that we live only this life. For Soul, reaching spiritual maturity in a single lifetime is virtually impossible. Therefore, souls must maintain a balance with the positive and the negative in these lower worlds. We learn from our experiences with love. The Soul is a unit of consciousness. All life forms function in the Soul in its state of consciousness. The soul must grow from its experiences in each state of consciousness to mature spiritually.

You do not have to die to become conscious beyond the physical state. He who is following the path, “The most direct path to God”, learns to leave his physical body through the Ancient Science of the Journey of the Soul through the lower worlds and into the Worlds of Pure God. From these experiences, one receives greater awareness and knowledge. Therefore, expanding your awareness and awareness is through your Soul Journey experiences. A “More Direct Path to God” must first have an external Master for external guidance; 2nd, the inner Master, the Consciousness of Margatma granted by God; 3rd, spiritual initiation that unites the Soul with the Audible Life Stream, the Sound and the Light of God and; Fourth, spiritual exercises. These spiritual parts are necessary to return the Soul to the Pure God Worlds. Without them, the Soul would wander indefinitely through the worlds of time, matter, and space. This spiritual path and this teaching originated from the infinite source, HURAY. This is the true name that we identify as God. At the time of the creation of these lower worlds, HURAY established these ancient teachings and the spiritual path for the purpose of the Souls to return to the Pure God Worlds.

Throughout history here on earth and in all these lower worlds in each plane, Physical, Astral, Causal and Mental there is a Temple of Golden Wisdom that has a guardian and spiritual master known as Master VARDAN. The souls that follow Margatma are escorted every night into their soul body, through the ancient science of soul travel, to learn from these higher spiritual teachings. The Temples of Golden Wisdom are also found on each of the plains of the True God Worlds.

The spiritual leader of these ancient teachings, the Living Master, has a duty to keep them in their pure original state. Throughout history, these teachings have existed here on earth with a Living Master serving Souls as a way back to the True Worlds of God. Due to chaotic periods in the past, the teachings were withdrawn from the public for security reasons. The names of these teachings have been changed in the past, but they have always been kept in their true pure state. HURAY designates a SOUL who is spiritually ready to serve as a living external Master according to his state of consciousness. The Living Masters also serve as the inner Master who carries the Consciousness of Margatma. The Consciousness of Margatma is bestowed by HURAY. Margatma’s consciousness is identical to that of HURAY, omnipresence, omniscient and omnipotent. This allows the Master within to be with and serve all Souls throughout all of creation. There is no one like him in all the worlds. The main duty of the Living Master is to guide the Soul’s journey back to HURAY. Through books and talks, he brings the teachings to the public consciousness. The Inner Master, the Margatma Consciousness, links the Soul at the correct spiritual moment with the return wave Audible Life Stream. This wave returns the Soul to the center where this powerful wave originated. This is in the very heart of God in the Ocean of Love and Mercy, the true abode of HURAY.

There are two waves in Audible Life Stream. First there is the creative wave, which is the descending wave that flows from its infinite source, the heart of God. This descending wave descends towards the lowest point of creation and then becomes the second wave that flows back to its original infinite source, the Ocean of Love and Mercy, the abode of HURAY. The returning wave carries the Soul back to the Pure God Worlds. HURAY established this path at the time of the creation of these lower worlds. This is the only path that will provide the soul with a direct path back to the worlds of pure God.

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