Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

One of the first things you sacrifice when you need to adjust your budget is your entertainment options. When you worry about paying your rent, house note, or utility bills, the thought of spending your free time doing anything can seem like a distant concern. However, even when the threads of the bag must remain tied, it is possible to find some entertainment. There are options at home when you need to save downtime.

Browse music sites

There is free music on the Internet. With so many options, there is the possibility of running into music that is downright bad. However, there are also some great finds for those who know where to look. Rather than taking the time to tour a large number of artist sites, it helps to go to central music hubs with sites like Afro-Punk, Nimbit, and Bandcamp. These sites have a lot of free music available and sometimes connect users with communities of music lovers.

Free ebooks

Just as there is the possibility of finding a lot of bad music, there is also the possibility of finding a lot of bad books on the Internet. However, many books are available for free, and many tend to be quite well written. Even those who don’t have e-readers like the Kindle and Nook can download free e-books with these programs onto their PCs from sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Many unknown writers make their works available for free, so there can be some good selections among a heap of clutter.

Learn a new trade with software

Many people are not as computer savvy as others, but there are also many software options available for almost any level of computer user. Users can learn to “draw” with software. Some may learn to put together playlists to upload to communities like Mixcloud. There are also free software programs for other interests such as design, but these programs tend to be shortened.


Anyone can download iTunes for PC and Mac and find a host of free podcasts available through this program. Many well-known comedians and famous personalities, from Aisha Tyler to Kevin Smith, have their own podcasts, which can range from entertaining to informative. In fact, you can find podcasts in languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English, as well as old radio shows. With so many options, listeners can find many different podcasts that focus on their specific interests.

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