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If you are in the process of designing your garden and landscaping, you are probably looking for outdoor structures. These options can provide shade, entertaining space, and overall ambience to your property. However, if you’ve started to consider your options, you’re probably a little confused. Should you choose a pergola, ramada or gazebo? What is the difference between these options and which one best suits your needs? There are a few distinctions you can recognize to help you make a more informed decision.


Traditionally, a ramada was a structure erected to provide shade, usually thatched with brush or branches. An open walkway or porch was also known as a ramada. However, in modern construction, a ramada is a structure used for shade, with a fully covered roof. It usually matches the style and material of the house.

A ramada is ideal for an outdoor space that is designed to be an extension of the living environment. Due to the robust structure, it is easy to include details such as a fireplace or a barbecue area. Some homeowners include an outdoor bar in their ramada and turn it into a full-featured entertaining area. Brick and stone details are also common in the design.


Throughout history, a classic pergola was designated as an outdoor structure with an open roof. It was usually supported by columns or similar architectural details. Pergolas are designed to accommodate creeping vegetation or vines. Modern pergolas still have the same specifications. An open roof, often made with a wooden lattice, is placed on columns or poles.

Pergolas are ideal for homeowners who appreciate a spacious, airy feel and want to incorporate greenery into their entertaining area. The pots look beautiful next to each column. Vine plants can grow on the sturdy posts and begin to make a home in the open trellis of the roof structure. If you intend to use your pergola in this classic configuration, make sure your contractor uses materials that are designed for the stress of plant growth. A pergola that won’t be used for planting can be made from less durable materials and still last. However, to support plant growth, choose the best quality possible.


The gazebo is probably the most recognized outdoor structure used in landscaping designs. Gazebos are generally built with more circular geometric shapes. In years past, the name gazebo was given to an open building that took advantage of a view, or a gazebo. For this reason, gazebos are often found on hillsides, wooded glades, or next to a beach view. Today, any outdoor structure with at least five sides is designated a gazebo. Most often, a hexagonal shape is used. The ceiling is usually completely covered and vaulted.

When selecting a gazebo, it’s still a good idea to take advantage of a beautiful view. A gazebo fits well into a more traditional landscape, with lots of trees, gardens, and greenery. Bay windows complement the Victorian architecture, as well as other classic details. A gazebo is ideal next to water sources, such as a pond, flower or vegetable garden. Also, if your property faces a forest, a gazebo can be ideal to take advantage of that view.

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